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Dave Robjohns Deadline for R1 proper here will be 13th April.

Tourney round: AptoLeague: Season 7 Aptotude Cup

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Notes from the organizer: As promised, something extra this season. We're still in lockdown, after all.

Season 7 introduces the Aptotude Cup, giving a nod to the league from years ago before my time - it's a good pun so time to give it a slot here.

This cup will play a little more to form than the handicap one, but should still have a good amount of cupsets and heroic cup runs.

It works a bit like the snooker world championship, with the top 16 from the previous season seeded and 16 qualifying spots to join them. The qualifying is also seeded (by rating as of the start date), but the 16 qualifiers play against random opponents in the last 32.

The format for this will be apterous world cup - in part because it's quickfire, leading to exciting games and results.

Around 10 days will be given for each round!

The tournament page is here:

Ran from: 1 March – 30 April 2021. Format: Apterous World Cup. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Dave Robjohns.

Fixtures: 39. Completed: 33.

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