Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford *It should say 'noise you can hear.' Well done me.

Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford Three Hypertouch 9's-you're welcome, folks....
ME-01; #Mellor2020 storms back onto the podium for the first time since SC, equalling the 4th-highest score in this format. #Robjohns2020's slight disaster is giving #Sean2020's game a run for their money in funniest moment of the tourney.

Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford ME-02; Another underdog moment as #Thomas2020 sees off the heavyweights to possibly pinch an electoral vote in a much closer round, the top five separated by as many points.

ME At-Large; #Todd2020, having got off to a slow start, has kept some momentum going from MN to possibly take two electoral votes here.

Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford #Cappleman2020 was briefly leading in more than one ME race, but now finds himself in third in two of them. Current leader #Jim2020 will have to wait till Texas to try and extend his lead. #Worsley2020, #Artell2020 and #Drury2020 have all found their way onto the podiums in other rounds but are still waiting to break their deadlocks.

Callum Todd

Callum Todd My usual standard rule for hypertouch is don't do a risky word that'll be invalid and don't panic on the numbers and conundrum and you should get 10 points per round on average.

I made each of those three mistakes, one in each game here -.-

Jim M

Jim M I feel your pain, Cal. Some of the words I risked were mad in hindsight, for the sake of a point here and there.

Callum Todd

Callum Todd I find it's similar to stepdown rules: don't risk 9 points for the sake of 1.

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Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford ME-01 and 02 stay the same, but a change up to for the state at-large as #Tassier2020 takes a two-point lead by merely 0.6 seconds, possibly becoming the ninth player to take some electoral votes and preventing #Todd2020 from carrying his second state.

Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford It's been a good day for #Hare2020. Lead gained in UT and another round of Bush v Gore goes in ME At-Large. his favour here. Equalling #Worsley2020 on 87, he scores 5 maxes to Jack's 4. He nearly nicked ME-01 as well, but only managed 86 to #Mellor2020's 89. The leading pack all staying close to one another. So much for social distancing...

Bradley Horrocks

Bradley Horrocks Happy for the likely 2 points, doubt it will much difference in the end? Now to learn all the Spoilage stuff

Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford Possibly not much in the end, but for now you've overtaken #Mellor2020 in the standings and will overtake #Canuck2020 if things stay as they are.

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Nooo just leave spoilage ;)

Tourney round: Apterous Presidential Election: Maine

<< Minnesota | Texas >>

Notes from the organizer: Leaping to the Northeast and a twist. Because of reasons, Maine is one of two states who divvy their votes up by Congressional District, rather than use the winner-take-all system you all (well, the victors) know and love. The other is Nebraska, which will come in June.

Candidates, this means will face three games at the same time. Maine has 4 electoral votes to give, spread as follows.
GAME 1-For Congressional District ME-01, which gives 1 electoral vote.
GAME 2-For ME-02, again giving 1 vote.
GAME 3-For the state at-large. This gives 2 electoral votes.

Format is a Hypertouch 9 for all three games (that noise you can here is #Todd2020 celebrating and the rest of you wanting to kill me)

If you are worried about me going small, give it till Tuesday and your worries will fade away. All usual rules apply. Best of luck!

Ran from: 28 March – 3 April 2020. Format: Hypertouch 9. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Matthew S Rutherford.

Fixtures: 129. Completed: 117.

Results and fixtures

NotesPlayer 1Player 2Status
ME-01Apterous PruneMatty Artell0 – 58
ME-01Apterous PruneSean D10 – 55
ME-01Apterous PruneDave Robjohns0 – 10
ME-01Apterous PruneIan Volante10 – 54
ME-01Apterous PruneSteven Oldham0 – 37
ME-01Apterous PrunePatrick ThompsonUnplayed
ME-01Apterous PruneLayla Pryce0 – 62
ME-01Apterous PruneAndy SC10 – 29
ME-01Apterous PruneJacob Coventry-PetersUnplayed
ME-01Apterous PruneRichard Huang0 – 49
ME-01Apterous PruneThomas Cappleman0 – 74
ME-01Apterous PruneBradley Horrocks0 – 75
ME-01Apterous PruneOliver C0 – 49
ME-01Apterous PruneJohnny Canuck0 – 70
ME-01Apterous PruneTim Down0 – 64
ME-01Apterous PruneJack Worsley0 – 76
ME-01Apterous PruneHazel Drury0 – 65
ME-01Apterous PruneEdward Ashcroft0 – 56
ME-01Apterous PruneRobin M10 – 63
ME-01Apterous PruneAlex H0 – 73
ME-01Apterous PruneRonan M H10 – 54
ME-01Apterous PruneMich HUnplayed
ME-01Apterous PruneFiona T0 – 57
ME-01Apterous PruneMatthew Tassier0 – 56
ME-01Apterous PruneTracey Mills0 – 54
ME-01Apterous PruneZack K0 – 53
ME-01Apterous PruneVincent Barcet0 – 72
ME-01Apterous PruneElliott Mellor0 – 89
ME-01Apterous PruneMartin Thomas0 – 29
ME-01Apterous PruneJosh Boddy0 – 52
ME-01Apterous PruneJason Turner10 – 56
ME-01Apterous PruneBrett Davids0 – 47
ME-01Apterous PruneCallum Todd0 – 81
ME-01Apterous PruneBen Leyburn0 – 52
ME-01Apterous PruneJim M0 – 65
ME-01Apterous PrunePhil HulmeUnplayed
ME-01Apterous PruneJames Hall10 – 37
ME-01Apterous PruneJon Elmer0 – 44
ME-01Apterous PruneChris Hare0 – 86
ME-01Apterous PruneJonathan Dyke0 – 58
ME-01Apterous PruneMatthew S Rutherford0 – 56
ME-01Apterous PruneJames Robinson0 – 75
ME-01Apterous PruneSam Shepherd0 – 50
ME-02Apterous PruneMatty Artell10 – 60
ME-02Apterous PruneSean D0 – 73
ME-02Apterous PruneDave Robjohns0 – 34
ME-02Apterous PruneIan Volante0 – 44
ME-02Apterous PruneSteven Oldham0 – 51
ME-02Apterous PrunePatrick ThompsonUnplayed
ME-02Apterous PruneLayla Pryce0 – 29
ME-02Apterous PruneAndy SC10 – 38
ME-02Apterous PruneJacob Coventry-PetersUnplayed
ME-02Apterous PruneRichard Huang0 – 43
ME-02Apterous PruneThomas Cappleman0 – 75
ME-02Apterous PruneBradley Horrocks0 – 75
ME-02Apterous PruneOliver C0 – 65
ME-02Apterous PruneJohnny Canuck0 – 76
ME-02Apterous PruneTim Down0 – 73
ME-02Apterous PruneJack Worsley0 – 72
ME-02Apterous PruneHazel Drury0 – 63
ME-02Apterous PruneEdward Ashcroft10 – 55
ME-02Apterous PruneRobin M10 – 47
ME-02Apterous PruneAlex H10 – 62
ME-02Apterous PruneRonan M H0 – 71
ME-02Apterous PruneMich HUnplayed
ME-02Apterous PruneFiona T0 – 50
ME-02Apterous PruneMatthew Tassier0 – 44
ME-02Apterous PruneTracey Mills0 – 71
ME-02Apterous PruneZack K0 – 39
ME-02Apterous PruneVincent Barcet0 – 64
ME-02Apterous PruneElliott Mellor0 – 77
ME-02Apterous PruneMartin Thomas0 – 80
ME-02Apterous PruneJosh Boddy10 – 45
ME-02Apterous PruneJason Turner10 – 46
ME-02Apterous PruneBrett Davids10 – 56
ME-02Apterous PruneCallum Todd0 – 67
ME-02Apterous PruneBen Leyburn0 – 52
ME-02Apterous PruneJim M0 – 69
ME-02Apterous PrunePhil HulmeUnplayed
ME-02Apterous PruneJames Hall0 – 46
ME-02Apterous PruneJon Elmer0 – 55
ME-02Apterous PruneChris Hare0 – 73
ME-02Apterous PruneJonathan Dyke0 – 41
ME-02Apterous PruneMatthew S Rutherford0 – 58
ME-02Apterous PruneJames Robinson0 – 56
ME-02Apterous PruneSam Shepherd0 – 59
ME At-LargeApterous PruneMatty Artell0 – 70
ME At-LargeApterous PruneSean D10 – 53
ME At-LargeApterous PruneDave Robjohns0 – 45
ME At-LargeApterous PruneIan Volante10 – 63
ME At-LargeApterous PruneSteven Oldham0 – 44
ME At-LargeApterous PrunePatrick ThompsonUnplayed
ME At-LargeApterous PruneLayla Pryce0 – 56
ME At-LargeApterous PruneAndy SC10 – 45
ME At-LargeApterous PruneJacob Coventry-PetersUnplayed
ME At-LargeApterous PruneRichard Huang0 – 53
ME At-LargeApterous PruneThomas Cappleman10 – 74
ME At-LargeApterous PruneBradley Horrocks0 – 88
ME At-LargeApterous PruneOliver C0 – 43
ME At-LargeApterous PruneJohnny Canuck0 – 70
ME At-LargeApterous PruneTim Down0 – 72
ME At-LargeApterous PruneJack Worsley0 – 87
ME At-LargeApterous PruneHazel Drury0 – 67
ME At-LargeApterous PruneEdward Ashcroft0 – 60
ME At-LargeApterous PruneRobin M0 – 74
ME At-LargeApterous PruneAlex H10 – 43
ME At-LargeApterous PruneRonan M H0 – 69
ME At-LargeApterous PruneMich HUnplayed
ME At-LargeApterous PruneFiona T0 – 56
ME At-LargeApterous PruneMatthew Tassier0 – 82
ME At-LargeApterous PruneTracey Mills0 – 53
ME At-LargeApterous PruneZack K0 – 55
ME At-LargeApterous PruneVincent Barcet0 – 47
ME At-LargeApterous PruneElliott Mellor10 – 69
ME At-LargeApterous PruneMartin Thomas0 – 62
ME At-LargeApterous PruneJosh Boddy0 – 63
ME At-LargeApterous PruneJason Turner0 – 65
ME At-LargeApterous PruneBrett Davids0 – 48
ME At-LargeApterous PruneCallum Todd0 – 80
ME At-LargeApterous PruneBen Leyburn0 – 60
ME At-LargeApterous PruneJim M10 – 42
ME At-LargeApterous PrunePhil HulmeUnplayed
ME At-LargeApterous PruneJames Hall0 – 71
ME At-LargeApterous PruneJon Elmer0 – 58
ME At-Large Apterous PruneChris Hare0 – 87
ME At-LargeApterous PruneJonathan Dyke0 – 59
ME At-LargeApterous PruneMatthew S Rutherford0 – 40
ME At-LargeApterous PruneJames Robinson0 – 76
ME At-LargeApterous PruneSam Shepherd0 – 60

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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