Bradley Horrocks

Bradley Horrocks I wanted to be involved in the tournament somehow without competing - just thought of a way. I will play along in every round, anyone who scores the same as me or more will get 5 bonus points!

Bradley Horrocks

Bradley Horrocks [link]

Tourney round: The 2019 Blitz Tournament: Bot Round 1 - Nice

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Notes from the organizer: Round 1 of 5 will be a gentle start, with Waldorf being your opponent in a Nice Blitz. Waldorf will have the occasional moment of brilliance but will mostly stay low scoring, hopefully!

After the round has finished on 21st June, you will score tourney points based on how many points you scored in the game. Sign-ups permitted until the 16th June but you will still only have until the 21st for this round. A spreadsheet will be up soon.


Ran from: 10 – 21 June 2019. Format: Nice Blitz. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Bradley Horrocks.

Fixtures: 19. Completed: 19.

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