Bradley Horrocks

Bradley Horrocks Sign-ups permitted up to and including Sunday 16th - although round 1 of the bot half will be up earlier that week

Bradley Horrocks

Bradley Horrocks (June)

Bradley Horrocks

Bradley Horrocks Well done to Callum Todd for not only winning the overall tournament but both sides of the tournament! He's clearly a man you don't want to bet on beating in a fast jumbled letters and conundrum variant. Hazel came second overall with two podium finishes and Matty, Ronan & Thomas Cappleman will have to huddle together on the limited space of the bottom ledge of the podium. Thanks all for playing!

Ronan M H

Ronan M H Very happy to have been part of this,

Once again, well done to Callum for winning and thanks for organising Bradley!

Linda McGrory

Linda McGrory Congratulations Callum and well done to all the runners up.

Tourney round: The 2019 Blitz Tournament: Sign-up page

Bot Round 1 - Nice >>

Notes from the organizer: Here's something a bit different than my previous tourneys - featuring one of the lesser played formats on the site. There are 13 blitzes on Apterous - many/all of which will feature in this tourney!

The tournament will be split into two parts, a part where you play fellow humans and another part where you're up against bots. I will assume a sign-up to be an entry into the full tourney but if you do only want to play one half for whatever reason, let me know.

The bot games: There will be 5 rounds, where you will play different variants of blitz against certain bots, variants and bots yet to be decided. Players will be ranked and scored by the number of points they score in the game, exactly the same as in the daily duel.

The human games: This depends on the number of participants, but it will most likely start with a small group stage, where all games are normal Blitz games. In the knockouts, they will be best of 3 - where each player chooses the Blitz variant of their choice for games 1 and 2, with a normal Blitz game 3 if it is 1-1.

At the end, both parts will be weighted equally to make a grand table and crown the champion!

P.S. No, there's not really any Latin involved :)

Ran from: 23 May – 16 June 2019. Format: Latin 9. Matches: Best-of-11. Approved.

Organizers: Bradley Horrocks.

Fixtures: 0. Completed: 0.

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