Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison Someone please do a draw just to confirm it works.

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Ian Volante

Ian Volante How the blithering flip am I supposed to get out of that group?!

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison #senegaleseproblems

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison YES! A DRAW!

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison [apterous link]

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison As is standard in football, 3-0 victories by default when adjudication needs to occur.

Tourney round: Apterous World Cup: 2018: Group Stage

<< 2018: Qualifying

Notes from the organizer: With our 32 confirmed entrants we're ready to begin the group stage fixtures.
You are free to play your games as quick as you like.

PLEASE try and have all three of your matches done by December 6th.

Games can end in draws.

Runs from: 6 November 2018 – 6 March 2019. Format: Apterous World Cup. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Matt Morrison.

Fixtures: 48. Completed: 28.

Results and fixtures

NotesPlayer 1Player 2Status
Group AGevin ChapwellRyan Taylor4 – 7
Group ARyan TaylorNoel McilvennyUnplayed
Group ATom Chafer-CookRyan Taylor7 – 6
Group AGevin ChapwellNoel McilvennyUnplayed
Group AGevin ChapwellTom Chafer-Cook6 – 6
Group ATom Chafer-CookNoel McilvennyUnplayed
Group BAmie BateenThomas Carey6 – 7
Group BGraeme ColeThomas Carey6 – 6
Group BThomas CareyMich HUnplayed
Group BAmie BateenGraeme Cole7 – 5
Group BAmie BateenMich HUnplayed
Group BGraeme ColeMich H5 – 6
Group CEmily CoxTim Down2 – 6
Group CTim DownJohn CowenUnplayed
Group CMatty ArtellTim Down4 – 6
Group CEmily CoxJohn CowenUnplayed
Group CEmily CoxMatty Artell3 – 5
Group CMatty ArtellJohn CowenUnplayed
Group DMatthew TassierEddy Byrne5 – 6
Group DEddy ByrneJonny D7 – 6
Group DMatt MorrisonEddy Byrne4 – 6
Group DMatthew TassierJonny D6 – 6
Group DMatthew TassierMatt Morrison5 – 5
Group ETracey MillsLuke Johnson-DaviesUnplayed
Group ELuke Johnson-DaviesDan ByromUnplayed
Group EPhil CollingeLuke Johnson-Davies5 – 7
Group ETracey MillsDan Byrom6 – 6
Group EPhil CollingeTracey Mills3 – 7
Group EPhil CollingeDan ByromUnplayed
Group FZarte SiempreSean Fletcher6 – 5
Group FZarte SiempreVincent Barcet7 – 5
Group FBen WilsonZarte SiempreUnplayed
Group FSean FletcherVincent BarcetUnplayed
Group FBen WilsonSean FletcherUnplayed
Group FBen WilsonVincent BarcetUnplayed
Group GThomas CapplemanJames LavertyUnplayed
Group GThomas CapplemanPatrick Thompson7 – 5
Group GThomas CapplemanJames RobinsonUnplayed
Group GJames LavertyPatrick Thompson6 – 5
Group GJames RobinsonJames LavertyUnplayed
Group GJames RobinsonPatrick ThompsonUnplayed
Group HIan VolanteBradley HorrocksUnplayed
Group HTransude TransudeBradley Horrocks5 – 5
Group HJames HurrellBradley Horrocks4 – 7
Group HIan VolanteTransude Transude6 – 7
Group HIan VolanteJames Hurrell6 – 5
Group HJames HurrellTransude Transude5 – 6
Group DMatt MorrisonJonny D5 – 5

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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