Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison ET is 4 rounds not 5. Can't edit description!

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison Qualifying will be announced and start sometime around 14th/15th August, with however many people we've got at that point.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison 4 more signups, then we go.

Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin I love the sound deadlines make as they fly by.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison Shut up.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison The 16 top-ranked entrants are in the main competition. The rest of us lowly 32 will qualify or return to local competition by way of double elimination action.

The 16 winners of the fixtures above will play each other with the 8 who win those ties going into the main competition.
The 16 losers of the fixtures above will play each other with the 8 who lose going home.

The final round, of 16 one-time-winner-one-time-losers will play each other to get the final 8 entrants.

Each stage of the draw (including this first one) drawn randomly. I can't remember if last time round I ensured 'fresh' fixtures for the final one-time-winners round, but will worry about that when required.

As per the main tournament this is of course AWC format games.
I forgot to get round to asking Charlie to set up auto aptomails this time - please create your own aptomail to arrange your fixture with your opponent, and add me to the recipients in case I need to adjudicate anything down the line.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison There's not a fucking lot going on here guys. Am I really going to have to start aptomail threads for everyone?

Ian Volante

Ian Volante Jason's not been around for a week.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison Cheers Ian. Will bear in mind, can chase him on Facebook when it comes close to being the final fixture, but we're so far from that still...argh!

Ross Jeffries

Ross Jeffries Hi Matt, sorry just back from holiday on Sunday and jet lag took effect. Will mail Mervyn and get the game done as quickly as possible

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor Is this R1 proper or is this just qualifying?

Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin Still Q1, Ryan.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison Chasing up the stragglers... yawn!

Ian Volante

Ian Volante Still no sign of JL.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison So far Ian is getting a win over Jason and Dan is getting a win over Christy. Holding on a moment still for Mervyn-Ross and Emily-Brett.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison Deadline is Wednesday 11:59pm

At the moment Dan is getting a bye over Christy, Mervyn over Ross, Ian over Jason, and Emily-Brett is less clear cut.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison Anyone who has a bye struck against them is out of the rest of qualifying, because this round has been fucking painful.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison Ian gets the bye over Jason (Jason is out), Dan gets the bye over Christy (Christy is out), and Emily gets the coin toss over Brett (Brett remains in the tournament).

Going to do the winner and loser bracket draws now, anyone who gets Jason or Christy obviously won't get a fixture but will get a bye and be through to the final round of qualifying to get into the tournament proper.

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Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison There we go, all done. The two lucky recipients of a bye are Ross (vs Christy) and Vincent (vs Jason). The unlucky recipient of a non-bye-that-was-almost-a-bye against Brett is, oh, me.

So a reminder, this is double elimination (I know, it's taken fucking ages already. Will be a winter world cup.) - so all those in the R2 winners bracket need one more win to be in the Finals, and anyone in the loser bracket is in danger of going home, should they lose their R2 match.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison I'm going to do all the fucking aptomail threads now. Manually. You pricks.

Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin Shit. Bye bye me.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison It's a game of two halves Rhys!

Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin I told you so.

Tourney round: Apterous World Cup: 2018: Qualifying

<< 2014: Final

Notes from the organizer: Hello everyone!

So we're doing it a bit late this time... but welcome to the Apterous World Cup 2018, to be held in the host city of бескрылый in deepest, darkest, nerdiest Russia.

This qualifying round will whittle down the interested parties to the 32 required for the World Cup proper, using some kind of format appropriate to the amount of signups we actually get.

The only entry requirement is that you need to have a real photo of yourself that I can access either via Facebook or you emailing it to me. (And no I can't access the original photos you uploaded for your apterous profile, either, sorry.)

For those of you new to the Apterous World Cup format, it's a bit different. Essentially it's a winners-only scoring system over 7 rounds. If there's a tie after 90 minutes, extra time is another 5 rounds. If it's still a tie, you get a minimum of 5 penalty kicks (conundrums) to settle the score, and then sudden death penalties after that.


Runs from: 19 July – 18 October 2018. Format: Apterous World Cup. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Matt Morrison.

Signed up: Ben Wilson, Jason Larsen, Gevin Chapwell, Ian Volante, James Hurrell, Thomas Cappleman, Tom Chafer-Cook, Matthew Tassier, Transude Transude, Phil Collinge, Matt Morrison, Jason Turner, Andrew Smith, James Robinson, Ryan Taylor, Heather Badcock, Amie Bateen, Mark James, Emily Cox, Graeme Cole, Rhys Benjamin, Tracey Mills, Thomas Carey, Zarte Siempre, James Laverty, Anthony Endsor, Luke Johnson-Davies, Eddy Byrne, Brett Davids, Sean Fletcher, Patrick Thompson, Mervyn Tong, Matty Artell, James Haughton, Tim Down, Vincent Barcet, Christy Cooper, Bradley Horrocks, Dan Byrom, Noel Mcilvenny, Suzy Turner, Jonny D, Ross Jeffries, Mich H, Derek Matthews, J E, Sam Shepherd, John Cowen.

Fixtures: 27. Completed: 21.

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