Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse not looking good for me atm

Amar Chotai

Amar Chotai I only just managed to tie you!

Ben Andrews

Ben Andrews Amar is currently ahead out of you two because of total time. But there's still a lot of players to play :)

Amar Chotai

Amar Chotai Cheers for that, I wasn't sure enough myself! Amazing how many obvious ones you can miss under pressure

Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse we'll just have to wait and see

Amar Chotai

Amar Chotai Indeed

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Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse could still make it to R2, but only by default

Ben Andrews

Ben Andrews The 2 remaining players have trial accounts, so you may be alright.

Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse :)

Jon Wilford

Jon Wilford There you go Sam, safe well ahead of time :)

Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse Nw Jon, i wasn't sure that i'd progress anyway :)

Tourney round: Weakest Link - Conundrums: Round 1 - Junior

<< Sign-ups | Round 2 - Nice >>

Notes from the organizer: (Note: sign-ups are still open until 23rd July. You can sign up on the sign-ups page.)

Starting off simple but these variants will soon get very difficult very quickly. Best of luck everyone!

The two lowest scoring players in this round will leave the tournament. (If there is a tie the players who took the longest to give the correct answers in total are out. If that is tied, then in this round, all the tied players will be eliminated.)

Ran from: 17 – 30 July 2017. Format: Junior Conundrum Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Ben Andrews.

Fixtures: 41. Completed: 39.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Apterous PruneBen Andrews30 – 160
Apterous PruneMatthew Tassier0 – 180
Apterous PruneJohn Beresford20 – 180
Apterous PruneAndy SC60 – 100
Apterous PrunePhil Collinge0 – 180
Apterous PruneNorm Ahmad0 – 180
Apterous PruneZarte Siempre0 – 190
Apterous PruneNoel Mcilvenny30 – 160
Apterous PruneTracey Mills 0 – 180
Apterous PruneThomas Cappleman10 – 180
Apterous PruneElliott Mellor0 – 180
Apterous PruneSean Fletcher10 – 190
Apterous PruneTom Chafer-Cook10 – 190
Apterous PruneSean D10 – 180
Apterous PruneChris Hare0 – 200
Apterous PruneGraham Harrison10 – 130
Apterous PruneSam Prouse30 – 120
Apterous PruneBradley Horrocks10 – 140
Apterous PruneQuinn James0 – 200
Apterous PruneMarcus Hares0 – 180
Apterous PruneIan Volante0 – 170
Apterous PruneStephen R10 – 190
Apterous PruneRobin M10 – 180
Apterous PruneOwen BrittonUnplayed
Apterous PruneLiam O0 – 190
Apterous PruneJames Laverty0 – 150
Apterous PruneAmar Chotai0 – 120
Apterous PruneAndrew Smith0 – 190
Apterous PruneTim Down0 – 180
Apterous PruneThomas Carey0 – 170
Apterous PruneFrank Jones30 – 170
Apterous PruneIan Birdman10 – 160
Apterous PruneRay Wilding0 – 170
Apterous PruneMike Springett10 – 180
Apterous PruneMartin Hurst0 – 190
Apterous PruneBobby McintyreUnplayed
Apterous PruneMatty Artell20 – 180
Apterous PruneEoin Jackson0 – 160
Apterous PruneJon Wilford20 – 110
Apterous PruneAlex H10 – 180
Apterous PruneJason Turner10 – 160

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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