Dan Byrom

Dan Byrom I'm happy with this arrangement (definitely not because I already got knocked out.....)
Even so, I think we can get more accurate seedings like this than from groups containing much stronger players.

Andy SC

Andy SC My and Noel's score is the wrong way around on the bracket.

James Laverty

James Laverty Fixed

Andy SC

Andy SC You've put it down as Noel having beat Dan, when they have not played yet.

Tourney round: No Teapot Trophy: Lower Bracket RR

<< Lower bracket round robin

Notes from the organizer: Right, as quite a few players have been very inactive, I've decided to change this stage.

Now, all players who played their KO match, plus those who made an attempt to play, will have another round robin to decide placings. Sorry for the potential repeat matches but with quite a few people disappearing I think this is the best way to make sure those of you who have made an effort are satisfied.

Sorry for posting again, but I made a slight mistake on the page. Scoring is the same as the group stage.

A link to the bracket is here, if only just to stop me having to go back to a previous round [link]

Runs from: 11 May – 11 June 2017. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: James Laverty.

Fixtures: 55. Completed: 21.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
S JAndy SC70 – 73
Dan ByromNoel Mcilvenny94 – 84*
Tricia LockhartMike Springett71 – 97
Jason LarsenDee McwriteUnplayed
Mark MillsJon WilfordUnplayed
Andy SCPhil Hannan50 – 104
S JMike SpringettUnplayed
Jason LarsenDan ByromUnplayed
Jon WilfordTricia LockhartUnplayed
Mark MillsDee McwriteUnplayed
Phil HannanNoel Mcilvenny78 – 115
Andy SCMike Springett59 – 106
S JJon WilfordUnplayed
Mark MillsDan ByromUnplayed
Tricia LockhartDee McwriteUnplayed
Phil HannanMike Springett76 – 55
Jason LarsenNoel McilvennyUnplayed
Jon WilfordAndy SC88 – 57
S JDee Mcwrite67 – 89
Tricia LockhartDan Byrom78 – 85
Jason LarsenPhil HannanUnplayed
Jon WilfordMike SpringettUnplayed
Mark MillsNoel McilvennyUnplayed
Andy SCDee McwriteUnplayed
S JDan Byrom85 – 88
Jon WilfordPhil HannanUnplayed
Jason LarsenMark MillsUnplayed
Mike SpringettDee McwriteUnplayed
Tricia LockhartNoel Mcilvenny65 – 101
Andy SCDan Byrom93 – 76
Mark MillsPhil HannanUnplayed
Jon WilfordDee McwriteUnplayed
Jason LarsenTricia LockhartUnplayed
Mike SpringettDan Byrom101 – 85
S JNoel Mcilvenny77 – 93
Phil HannanDee McwriteUnplayed
Mark MillsTricia LockhartUnplayed
Jon WilfordDan ByromUnplayed
Jason LarsenS JUnplayed
Andy SCNoel Mcilvenny58 – 92
Tricia LockhartPhil Hannan64 – 139
Dan ByromDee Mcwrite77 – 85
S JMark MillsUnplayed
Jason LarsenAndy SCUnplayed
Mike SpringettNoel Mcilvenny63 – 97
Phil HannanDan Byrom87 – 80
S JTricia LockhartUnplayed
Mark MillsAndy SCUnplayed
Jon WilfordNoel McilvennyUnplayed
Jason LarsenMike SpringettUnplayed
S JPhil Hannan58 – 93
Tricia LockhartAndy SCUnplayed
Noel McilvennyDee McwriteUnplayed
Mark MillsMike SpringettUnplayed
Jason LarsenJon WilfordUnplayed

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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