Tourney: The Multiverse 3: No Raw Deals

Organizer(s): James Laverty.

Winner: Thomas Carey.


Round nameStart dateEnd dateFormat
Sign-up page7 August 201710 September 2017Beanstalk Letters Attack
Goatdown11 September 201722 September 2017Goatdown 15
Touch Junior18 September 201729 September 2017Touch Jnr 15
Unlimited25 September 20176 October 2017Unlimited 15
Hyperlock2 October 201713 October 2017Hyperlock 15
Omelette9 October 201720 October 2017Omelette 15
Duckdown16 October 201727 October 2017Duckdown 15
Junior23 October 20173 November 2017Junior 15 Rounder
Octolock30 October 201710 November 2017Octolock 15
Spoilage6 November 201718 November 2017Spoilage 15
Aegilops13 November 201724 November 2017Aegilops 15
Touchdown20 November 20171 December 2017Touchdown 15
Lockdown27 November 20178 December 2017Lockdown 15
Hyper4 December 201715 December 2017Hyper 15
Nasty11 December 201722 December 2017Nasty 15
Stepdown18 December 201718 December 2017Old 15
Stepdown18 December 201731 December 2017Stepdown 15

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