Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Ooh, two new ascensions since I last looked. Well done guys.

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard 8290 is massively impressive, Chris!

Jack Hurst

Jack Hurst Are we going to get a leader bod for people who solved the whole lot (with repeat attempts) having the least incorreect guesses?

Gevin Chapwell

Gevin Chapwell What happens when you have less than 20 left to solve? Does it break?

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Matt Hamer

Matt Hamer Gev: when you have less than 20 conundrums to go overall (or if your second or subsequent ascents are to a height not divisible by 20 m), you finish with a Custom game made up of between 1 and 19 conundrums.

Dave Linton

Dave Linton Make way.

Jack Slane

Jack Slane The more i've played this the more astonishing Jack W's achievements are. we are not worthy.

Jack Slane

Jack Slane The more I play this the more astonished I am by Jack W's scoring. We are not worthy.

Jack Slane

Jack Slane At the risk of repeating myself.......

Major places

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Statland: Completed Ascensions

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This table shows all completed Ascensions, sorted by total play time (counting incorrect answers as 30 seconds). Only the first Ascension in a cycle is eligible. Since the number of conundrums has changed over time, all times are scaled to the current number of conundrums (13,240).

Fastest Ascensions

#AscenderScaled time
Actual time
1stJack Worsley0:10:290:08:0110,124
2ndJack Worsley0:13:420:10:2310,039
3rdChris Hare0:14:430:10:599,891
4thJames Nguyen0:15:170:11:3310,014
5thChris Hare0:15:190:11:299,933
6thChris Hare0:17:000:12:459,934
7thAdam Gillard0:17:110:13:0010,023
8thJohnny Canuck0:18:580:14:129,909
9thDylan Taylor0:19:180:14:3810,039
10thJack Slane0:19:350:14:429,933
11thJohnny Canuck0:20:230:15:189,934
12thChris Davies0:20:370:14:079,060
13thJack Slane0:21:200:16:009,933
14thStephen R0:21:450:16:199,934
15thJack Slane0:23:140:17:269,934
16thJohn Beresford1:00:200:18:159,934
17thJack Slane1:00:210:18:169,934
18thDan McColm1:00:240:18:2710,014
19thJack Slane1:00:530:18:389,916
20thStephen R1:00:540:18:429,943
21stSimpatico Jones1:01:030:18:489,943
22ndGiles H1:02:120:19:4910,014
23rdJack Slane1:02:550:20:159,964
24thKirk Bevins1:02:590:18:289,060
25thJohn Beresford1:03:250:20:359,935
26thJack Slane1:03:420:20:479,934
27thAdam Gillard1:04:050:19:159,079
28thMark D1:04:270:21:3110,016
29thJack Slane1:04:510:21:399,934
30thDavid Barnard1:05:280:22:1710,014
31stJohn Beresford1:05:300:22:099,943
32ndStephen R1:05:461:05:4613,240
33rdStephen R1:06:320:22:559,942
34thJack Slane1:06:330:22:599,964
35thJack Slane1:07:110:23:289,964
36thTim Down1:07:520:23:499,898
37thBen Wilson1:08:440:22:319,107
38thMark Murray1:08:491:00:349,909
39thThomas Cappleman1:09:271:01:4410,190
40thMark Murray1:09:451:01:199,934
41stJack Hurst1:10:450:23:459,052
42ndTim Down1:10:591:02:119,909
43rdJames Nguyen1:11:221:00:119,057
44thJohn Beresford1:12:261:03:259,964
45thMatt Croy1:12:451:03:349,933
46thTim Down1:14:151:04:429,933
47thJack Slane1:14:181:04:499,964
48thDylan Taylor1:14:491:05:2210,016
49thStephen R1:14:551:05:4010,093
50thZarte Siempre1:14:561:05:179,960
51stMark Murray1:15:321:05:409,935
52ndJohnny Canuck1:16:311:06:3910,017
53rdCallum Todd1:16:401:06:4510,014
54thJack Slane1:17:051:06:499,934
55thRob Foster1:17:531:04:409,061
56thMatt Croy1:18:301:07:559,943
57thSam Prouse1:18:311:07:499,909
58thJonathan Wynn1:19:061:08:269,964
59thDan McColm1:21:111:06:559,061
60thQuinn James1:21:141:10:1510,023
61stTim Down1:21:241:10:049,934
62ndRyan Taylor1:21:291:07:139,086
63rdThomas Cappleman1:21:341:07:119,061
64thJack Slane1:21:491:10:5610,093
65thEddy Byrne1:21:591:10:379,964
66thMarcus Hares1:22:251:07:469,061
67thLuke Johnson-Davies1:22:441:11:049,935
68thChas Maxwell2:00:451:12:419,964
69thRobert Miller2:00:591:12:459,935
70thChas Maxwell2:01:121:12:459,891
71stMark Tournoff2:01:181:09:429,051
72ndNick Deller2:01:341:10:019,086
73rdSam Prouse2:02:391:14:009,933
74thMatt Hamer2:03:011:10:549,060
75thChris Hare2:03:221:11:159,086
76thHerbert Plank2:03:421:14:499,943
77thMark D2:03:461:11:299,079
78thJack Worsley2:04:101:15:2910,023
79thChas Maxwell2:04:111:14:599,891
80thMatthew Brockwell2:04:301:15:4310,016
81stAndy Platt2:04:361:11:579,051
82ndThomas Carey2:05:051:16:2810,093
83rdJack Slane2:05:331:16:3110,016
84thMatt Hall2:06:151:16:449,942
85thChas Maxwell2:06:331:17:059,971
86thMark Murray2:08:031:18:119,964
87thChas Maxwell2:08:082:08:0713,239
88thBradley Horrocks2:09:021:18:479,934
89thMiriam Nussbaum2:10:151:15:519,060
90thAlex Fish2:10:441:20:059,935
91stStuart Arnot2:11:421:17:069,113
92ndRay Wilding2:11:441:20:519,943
93rdChas Maxwell2:11:531:22:2610,266
94thTom Rowell2:12:111:17:119,060
95thDavid Barnard2:12:371:21:5310,023
96thJen Steadman2:12:581:17:439,061
97thSean D2:14:491:23:109,943
98thAmie Bateen2:15:322:00:0310,014
99thPaul James2:15:562:01:3310,260
100thJonathan Rawlinson2:16:241:20:079,069
101stLauren Hamer2:16:261:20:089,069
102ndGraeme Cole2:17:081:20:419,084
103rdChas Maxwell2:17:182:02:0610,160
104thTracey Mills2:17:481:21:059,072
105thBarry Bridger2:18:322:01:589,942
106thStephen R2:18:411:21:389,061
107thJon Stitcher2:18:492:02:5710,096
108thVincent Barcet2:19:062:02:089,891
109thSean Fletcher2:19:142:02:279,934
110thJonny D2:19:532:02:569,934
111thBojack Horseman2:20:052:03:149,964
112thKeith B2:20:441:22:599,052
113thSam Cappleman-Lynes2:21:262:04:3110,014
114thJon Elmer2:21:292:04:079,933
115thMatt Conway2:21:312:04:3510,014
116thJim Bentley2:21:451:23:519,083
117thAndrew Swale2:22:012:05:0010,023
118thPhil Collinge2:22:432:05:2910,014
119thNikki Roberts2:23:452:06:1710,019
120thJack Slane3:00:012:06:2910,016
121stMatt Croy3:00:022:01:229,072
122ndSam Prouse3:00:502:06:399,934
123rdJohn Vivian3:02:072:08:3010,093
124thJames Hall3:03:282:08:299,909
125thTim Down3:04:432:09:349,934
126thAlan Young3:05:482:11:2010,096
127thJudith Young3:06:022:05:219,052
128thRahul Suresh3:07:012:12:1410,093
129thGiles H3:07:322:06:269,060
130thChristopher Miller3:10:342:15:2110,160
131stJoyce Phillips3:13:082:16:2410,016
132ndJason Turner3:13:142:16:009,943
133rdChas Maxwell3:13:332:10:389,073
134thDave Noble3:17:202:20:0710,096

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