apterous history: March 2019

Here's your handy cut-out-and-keep guide to the events of March 2019.

In the news...

Pro Ranks

The top three players at the end of the month:-

  1. Unchanged 1st. Elliott Mellor
    Pro Rank: 1916 (+11)

  2. New entry 2nd. Rob Foster
    Pro Rank: 1797 (+1797)

  3. Up 4 from 7th 3rd. Callum Todd
    Pro Rank: 1782 (+111)

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Monthly Top Scores

FormatTop scorePopularity
15 Rounder161 by Stephen R7,518 games with 188 players
9 Rounder105 by Jim M1,019 games with 82 players
Conundrum Attack200 by Jack Slane ×30
200 by Tim Down ×20
200 by Mark Murray ×6
200 by Luke Johnson-Davies ×5
200 by Bradley Horrocks ×3
200 by Elliott Mellor ×3
200 by Hazel Drury ×2
200 by Sam Prouse ×2
200 by Callum Todd
200 by Chris Hare
200 by Jason Larsen
200 by Matt Croy
972 games with 73 players
Numbers Attack200 by Sarah Johnson332 games with 43 players
Letters Attack183 by Amie Bateen257 games with 29 players
Nice Conundrum Attack200 by Hazel Drury ×13
200 by Dave Garda ×7
200 by Jamie French ×2
200 by Tracey Mills ×2
200 by Vincent Barcet ×2
200 by Chris Anthony
200 by Chris Hare
200 by Liam Hughes
200 by Neil Collins
254 games with 23 players
Mocktorun994 by Patrick Thompson91 games with 23 players
Bullet Hyper Numbers Attack200 by Bradley Horrocks128 games with 20 players
Octorock Numbers Attack182 by Elliott Mellor91 games with 20 players
Berserk Numbers Attack200 by Marcus Hares37 games with 20 players

Only the month's 10 most popular formats are shown.

Facts and Figures

This month, apterous gained 64 new users, taking us to 10,538 in total. A total of 260,821 rounds were played over 17,084 games.

The Duel was won by Chris Hare with 2135 points from 31 games. Second was Matt Hamer with 2065 points from 31 games, and third Matt Croy with 2040 points from 31 games.

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