apterous history: December 2016

Here's your handy cut-out-and-keep guide to the events of December 2016.

In the news...

Pro Ranks

The top three players at the end of the month:-

  1. Unchanged 1st. Jack Worsley
    Pro Rank: 1944 (+2)

  2. Unchanged 2nd. Zarte Siempre
    Pro Rank: 1835 (-70)

  3. Up 4 from 7th 3rd. Simpatico Jones
    Pro Rank: 1752 (+59)

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Monthly Top Scores

FormatTop scorePopularity
15 Rounder156 by Zarte Siempre6,135 games with 198 players
9 Rounder116 by Johnny Canuck1,442 games with 87 players
Conundrum Attack200 by Jack Slane ×65
200 by Chris Hare ×27
200 by Matt Hall ×2
200 by Stephen R ×2
200 by Chas Maxwell
1,882 games with 75 players
Numbers Attack200 by Ben Andrews
200 by Elliott Mellor
321 games with 37 players
Letters Attack181 by Chris Hare438 games with 29 players
Hyper 15139 by Zarte Siempre ×249 games with 28 players
Stepdown 15146 by Matthew Tassier35 games with 28 players
Touch Jnr 15115 by Thomas Cappleman29 games with 28 players
Mocktorun1012 by Zarte Siempre55 games with 22 players
Goat Attack254 by Daniel Pati398 games with 18 players

Only the month's 10 most popular formats are shown.

Facts and Figures

This month, apterous gained 95 new users, taking us to 8,653 in total. A total of 258,146 rounds were played over 16,952 games.

The Duel was won by Jack Worsley with 2028 points from 31 games. Second was Matt Hamer with 2027 points from 31 games, and third Stephen R with 2014 points from 31 games.

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