Help: Keyboard shortcuts

There are several handy keyboard shortcuts that you can use during the game.

While picking
C Pick a consonant
V Pick a vowel
3 Choose 3 vowels and the rest consonants
4 Choose 4 vowels and the rest consonants
5 Choose 5 vowels and the rest consonants
Ctrl+Space Choose the required minimum number of consonants and vowels
While the clock is running
Ctrl+E End round early
While picking
0–6 Pick 0–6 large numbers
While the clock is running
Ctrl+Space Declare exact target
Ctrl+Up Increase declaration by one
Ctrl+Down Decrease declaration by one
Ctrl+E End round early
After buzzing in
Escape Submit blank declaration
(Useful if you've made a typo and don't want to give your opponent a hint.)

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