Daily Duel results for 11 February 2024

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 110.
Maximum score: 37.
Team score: 37. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate72%15%3%6%13%
1stChris Hare36+11078768
1stHazel Drury36+11078777
3rdAndres S.35+10878668
3rdElliott Mellor35+10878677
3rdFlorence C-L35+10878668
3rdGulshan R35+10878668
3rdMatt OC35+10878668
3rdStephen R35+10878677
9thGeorge Armstrong34+10278667
9thJohn Beresford34+10277668
9thMartin Thomas34+10277767
9thMatt Hamer34+10277677
9thRay Wilding34+10278667
9thSteven Grady34+10278667
9thToby Byfield34+10277677
9thTom Cappleman34+10278667
9thTracey Mills34+10278568
18thAdrian Fletcher33+9377577
18thAmar Chotai33+9377667
18thBen H33+9377667
18thCharlie Harrison33+9377667
18thJames C33+9377667
18thJames Doyle33+9377667
18thJayne Wisniewski33+9377667
18thMike Lee33+9377667
18thRyan Lam33+9377667
18thStu Harkness33+9377667
18thSuzy Turner33+9377667
18thTony Atkins33+9377667
30thBen Bazzard32+8176667
30thColin Thompson32+8167667
30thDaniel Face32+8176667
30thFraser Allatt32+8176667
30thIain Sime32+8177567
30thJason Turner32+8176667
30thJim Goloboy32+8176667
30thLogan Skelton32+8177657
30thMark Murray32+8177657
30thMartin Hurst32+8176667
30thMatthew Tassier32+8176667
30thMich R32+8176667
30thPatrick Thompson32+8168567
30thRoger Peak32+8167667
30thRoss Allatt32+8176667
45thAlan Lloyd31+6676657
45thAlan O'Regan31+6675667
45thAnglo Italian31+6677557
45thArthur P31+6667567
45thDave Kempshall31+6676657
45thElizabeth Beer31+6666568
45thFiona T31+6675667
45thJamie French31+6675667
45thJoe Dobinson31+6676657
45thJohn Aziz31+6677566
45thJon Pinyan31+6675667
45thKane Oliver31+6676657
45thLiam O31+6675667
45thThomas Pycroft31+6676567
45thWesley Barton31+6675667
60thDave Ryan30+5166567
60thDavid Mcdougall30+5166567
60thEuan Crabb30+5155668
60thIan Wray30+5176557
60thJason C.30+5166567
60thNicole Carter30+5165667
60thSlope Cutter30+5175567
60thSteve H30+5167557
68thAnthony Endsor29+4365567
68thAnthony Noonan29+4377078
70thAdam Latchford28+4178607
70thAnan Nathan28+4156467
70thAndrew Hulme28+4177608
70thChris Parfitt28+4165557
70thFiona H28+4155657
70thMatthew Brockwell28+4168608
70thNigel M28+4156557
77thCillian McM27+3478507
77thGerry Tynan27+3477607
77thIan Volante27+3477607
77thJonny D27+3477508
77thLiam Shaw27+3477058
77thRobin M27+3477607
77thTricia Lockhart27+3465457
84thBrendan Whitehurst26+2776607
84thDamo Banks26+2770667
84thJudith Young26+2777660
84thTlou Laz26+2776607
88thDamian McEvoy25+2367066
88thElwin Carlos25+2375607
88thEoin Jackson25+2376507
88thKeith Williams25+2367507
88thMartin Curristan25+2376507
88thNic Hodgkinson25+2375607
88thOwen Carroll25+2377560
88thTasneem Rana25+2360667
96thArchie T R24+1505667
96thChristy Cooper24+1560567
96thMark J Harris24+1575507
96thSam Manojlovic24+1560657
100thDan Spinks22+1166550
100thRhys Benjamin22+1165506
100thSam Hughes22+1105557
103rdIkenna O20+876007
103rdJ Bartram20+877600
103rdTim Down20+877600
106thBobby D19+500667
106thLuke S19+507660
106thToni M19+570507
109thAlan O'Sullivan18+206057
110thross k0+100000

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