Daily Duel results for 15 May 2021

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 101.
Maximum score: 52.
Team score: 52. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate97%5%1%63%33%58%4%
1stGeorge Armstrong50+1017877867
1stJohn Beresford50+1017777868
1stJonny D50+1017777868
1stToby McDonald50+1017877867
5thBradley Horrocks49+977777867
5thChris Hare49+977777867
5thJojo Apollo49+977777867
5thMarcus Hares49+977777867
5thMark Murray49+977787866
5thMatt OC49+977777867
5thMatthew Brockwell49+977777867
5thRachael Montgomery49+977777867
5thRobin M49+977777867
5thThomas Carey49+977777867
5thTom Cappleman49+977777867
5thTony Atkins49+977877767
17thAndy Christley48+857777767
17thAnglo Italian48+857777767
17thCammy L48+857776867
17thDave Ryan48+857777767
17thElwin Carlos48+857777767
17thFiona T48+857677867
17thFlorence Cappleman-Lynes48+857777767
17thJames Robinson48+857777767
17thJoel Trenchard48+857777767
17thMalcolm Atkinson48+857777767
17thMartin Thomas48+857777857
17thMatt Conway48+857777767
17thOliver Solamath48+857777767
17thPaul Anderson48+857677867
17thRay Wilding48+857777857
17thSean D48+857777767
17thStu Harkness48+857777767
17thSuzy Turner48+857777767
35thAdam Dexter47+677776767
35thAlan O'Sullivan47+677777757
35thAmar Chotai47+677777757
35thElizabeth Beer47+677677857
35thJ Bartram47+677776767
35thJason Turner47+677677857
35thJim Goloboy47+677677857
35thKieran Bray47+677776767
35thLauren Hamer47+677776857
35thLee Simmonds47+677776767
35thMartin Hurst47+677777757
35thMiles Elliott47+677777757
35thOliver Walker47+677777766
35thPiaras Last-Name47+677777757
35thSteven Tew47+677677767
35thTracey Mills47+677875767
35thWesley Barton47+677777757
52ndAndy SC46+507766767
52ndBen H46+507775767
52ndDarren Godfrey46+507776766
52ndDominic McMulkin46+507677667
52ndIan Volante46+507776766
52ndJulia Hayward46+507776757
52ndKeith C Williams46+507776766
52ndLouis Ross46+507757857
52ndLuke Selway46+507667857
52ndPatrick Thompson46+507677757
52ndPhil Hannan46+507776757
52ndRhys Benjamin46+507677766
64thAdam Latchford45+387577757
64thAnthony Endsor45+387775757
64thIain Sime45+387757757
64thJohn Doherty45+387776657
64thPaul Mcgivern45+387676757
64thRoss Allatt45+387775757
70thDamian McEvoy44+327667756
70thDave Robjohns44+327676756
70thElliott Mellor44+327870868
73rdJohn Slater43+297676656
73rdLiam O43+297777807
73rdTlou Laz43+297666756
76thAmie Bateen42+260777867
76thJudith Young42+267666656
76thMatt Hamer42+267707867
76thMatthew Tassier42+267077867
80thJames Hurrell41+227770857
80thJaney M41+227727657
80thKeith Williams41+227777067
80thMiriam Nussbaum41+227777760
84thJayne Wisniewski40+187770667
85thJoseph Melvin39+177777056
85thMaria Chandler39+177677660
85thRuth Cappleman39+177770666
85thTricia Lockhart39+177770756
89thMark Tournoff38+137773707
89thTasneem Rana38+137670657
91stAdam Finlay36+117072767
91stDan Spinks36+117666650
93rdEd Byrne35+90707768
94thDave Kempshall34+87700767
94thStephen R34+87670860
96thCyril Topher33+67707750
97thChris Butler32+57670057
97thMilo McKenzie32+57600757
99thBrendan Whitehurst31+30707557
100thDerek Matthews30+27600656
101stJohn George29+17470056

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