Daily Duel results for 13 February 2020

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 80.
Maximum score: 52.
Team score: 52. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate96%38%1%94%1%95%4%91%19%
1stJim M50+80666556565
2ndJames Hall49+79665556466
2ndJames Robinson49+79665556466
2ndJosh Boddy49+79665556466
5thAlex H48+76665556465
5thChad Lucas48+76665556465
5thElliott Mellor48+76655556466
5thGerry Tynan48+76665556465
5thJake Gander48+76665556465
5thJason Turner48+76665556465
5thJohn Beresford48+76655556466
5thJoseph H48+76664556466
5thMark Murray48+76665556465
5thMatt Hamer48+76665556465
5thOliver Solamath48+76664556466
5thPhil Hannan48+76655566465
5thRay Wilding48+76665556465
5thSteven Oldham48+76665556465
5thThomas Cappleman48+76664556466
5thTim Down48+76665556465
21stAidan L47+60654556466
21stAmar Chotai47+60665546465
21stChris Hare47+60655556465
21stDan McCarthy47+60664556465
21stEdward Ashcroft47+60664556465
21stFiona T47+60655556564
21stGeorge Armstrong47+60664556465
21stGraeme Cole47+60654556466
21stJack Slane47+60654556466
21stJonny D47+60655556465
21stMatty Artell47+60665556464
21stPaul Anderson47+60664556465
21stRoss Allatt47+60655556465
21stSean D47+60655556465
35thAlan Lloyd46+46645556465
35thAnthony Endsor46+46655556455
35thBradley Horrocks46+46654556465
35thDeclan Hill46+46655556464
35thJohn Gillies46+46654556465
35thLee Nixon46+46654556465
35thLinda McGrory46+46664456465
35thMatt Croy46+46654556465
35thPhil Hulme46+46654556465
35thSamir Pilica46+46655556464
35thStephen R46+46655556365
35thToby McDonald46+46664556365
35thTracey Mills46+46654556465
48thIain Sime45+33665546445
48thRoger Vincent45+33645556455
48thTony Atkins45+33645556464
51stAndy SC44+30654555464
51stJayne Wisniewski44+30654554465
51stJohnny Canuck44+30655506566
51stJulia Hayward44+30655546463
51stNicky Clarke44+30654556463
56thJames Leroux43+25654556066
56thKeith Williams43+25644556364
56thLiam O43+25655506466
56thSam Shepherd43+25454556464
60thAnglo Italian42+21655556064
60thBrendan Whitehurst42+21605556465
60thIan Volante42+21655556460
60thJim Goloboy42+21664556460
60thLuke Johnson-Davies42+21655506465
60thMark Tournoff42+21655506465
66thA A Hirsi41+15654556460
66thJamie French41+15645506465
66thMatthew S Rutherford41+15664046465
66thRobin M41+15654506465
66thZack K41+15645444455
71stElizabeth Beer40+10604556464
71stJohn Slater40+10644556460
71stTricia Lockhart40+10644556460
74thSteven Tew39+7644506464
75thHazel Drury37+6605506465
76thS J36+5664506450
77thVincent Barcet35+4650455046
78thMaria Chandler34+3444556060
79thDave Robjohns32+2605506460
80thCharlie Stark29+1464056040

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