Daily Duel results for 6 November 2019

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 78.
Maximum score: 50.
Team score: 50. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate91%73%58%8%53%
1stMark Tournoff50+811010101010
1stStephen R50+811010101010
1stThomas Cappleman50+811010101010
4thChris Hare47+75101010710
4thJack Worsley47+75101010710
4thJamie French47+75101010710
4thTim Down47+75101010710
4thToby McDonald47+75101010710
9thGraeme Cole45+70101010510
10thGeorge Armstrong44+6910101077
10thJohn Beresford44+6910107710
12thSam Shepherd41+671077710
13thBradley Horrocks40+66101010010
13thBrendan Whitehurst40+66101010010
13thCallum Todd40+66101001010
13thChris Butler40+66101010010
13thEdward Ashcroft40+66101010010
13thElliott Mellor40+66101010010
13thGerry Sullivan40+66101010010
13thGerry Tynan40+66101010010
13thGevin Chapwell40+66101010010
13thJason Turner40+66101010010
13thJon Stitcher40+66101010010
13thJonny D40+66101010010
13thJoseph H40+66101010010
13thKeith C Williams40+66101010010
13thMatt Hamer40+66101010010
13thMatthew Tassier40+66101010010
13thMatty Artell40+66101010010
13thNorm Ahmad40+66101010100
13thPhil Collinge40+66101010010
13thRay Wilding40+66101010010
13thTony Atkins40+66101010010
34thJim Goloboy39+451010757
35thCammy L-37+4410100710
35thJim M37+4410100710
35thJulia Hayward37+4410101070
38thAlan Lloyd35+4110101005
39thKaren Pearson32+401010075
40thFiona T31+39107770
41stDave Ryan30+3801010100
41stEmily Cox30+3810010010
41stIan Volante30+3810101000
41stJack Slane30+3810100010
41stJames Hurrell30+3810101000
41stJudith Young30+3810100010
41stMarcus Hares30+3810010010
41stPaul Anderson30+3810100010
41stReg Thompson30+3810010010
41stRoger Vincent30+3810101000
41stTricia Lockhart30+3810101000
52ndAnthony Endsor27+271010700
52ndJames Hall27+271010007
52ndJayne Wisniewski27+271001070
52ndJon Elmer27+271010070
52ndSanjiv Rana27+271010700
57thJohn Gillies25+221051000
57thNicky Clarke25+221010005
59thSuzy Turner21+2007707
60thAndy SC20+191001000
60thAnglo Italian20+191000010
60thMartin Thomas20+191001000
60thMich H20+191001000
60thRobin M20+191010000
60thSam Prouse20+191000010
60thSamir Pilica20+19510005
60thTracey Mills20+191010000
68thAndrew Sellahewa17+11107000
69thSteven Oldham15+10010005
70thHazel Drury10+9100000
70thIain Sime10+9100000
70thLorrie Bronsema10+9010000
70thMark Murray10+9010000
70thPhilip Aston10+9100000
70thRoss Allatt10+9100000
70thRoss Jeffries10+9100000
70thSteven Tew10+9100000
78thMatthew S Rutherford0+100000

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