Daily Duel results for 11 August 2019

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 56.
Maximum score: 88.
Team score: 58. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate0%0%0%0%2%14%5%0%0%0%0%
1stLauren Hamer57+5655551010103400
2ndMartin Thomas34+55544301004400
2ndMatt Hamer34+55553400103400
4thAlan Lloyd32+53344401003400
5thStephen R28+52353000103400
6thSpike Guthrie20+5125420004300
7thRoger Vincent19+5034330003300
8thMarcus Hares18+4933330003300
9thChris Hare17+4832330003300
9thJohnny Canuck17+4824430000400
11thThomas Cappleman16+46000301003000
12thAnthony Endsor15+45005001000000
12thJohn Beresford15+45005001000000
12thPhil Collinge15+4533330003000
12thRichard Freeland15+4520330003400
12thToby McDonald15+4530440004000
17thHazel Drury14+40400001000000
18thJohn Gillies13+3904030003300
18thTony Atkins13+3940330003000
20thCammy L-12+3703330000300
20thEdward Ashcroft12+3700330003300
20thSean D12+3702030003400
20thSuzy Turner12+3750040003000
20thTim Down12+3730330003000
25thAndy SC11+3250400002000
25thReg Thompson11+3223300003000
27thRhys Benjamin10+30000001000000
27thRonan M Higginson10+3022220002000
29thDave Ryan9+2800540000000
29thIan Volante9+2800540000000
29thJack Worsley9+2800300003300
29thMatty Artell9+2830330000000
29thMich H9+2830300003000
34thRay Wilding8+2300040004000
34thSteven Tew8+2330320000000
36thGraeme Cole7+2100300000400
36thMartin Hurst7+2130000002200
36thPaul A7+2100000003400
36thSarah Johnson7+2100430000000
40thDinos Sfyris6+1730300000000
40thJames Hurrell6+1700300003000
40thKeith C Williams6+1700300003000
40thSam Prouse6+1700300003000
44thBrendan Whitehurst5+1300500000000
44thMark Murray5+1300500000000
44thMatt Croy5+1305000000000
47thTom Rowell4+1000040000000
47thTricia Lockhart4+1000200002000
47thZack K4+1000000004000
50thFiona T3+700000003000
50thJonny D3+700000003000
52ndJames Wynde2+500000000200
52ndMark Tournoff2+500000000200
52ndOliver Bowden2+500000002000
55thJack Slane0+200000000000
55thJudith Young0+200000000000

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