Daily Duel results for 9 June 2019

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 81.
Maximum score: 35.
Team score: 34. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate90%7%0%79%36%
1stCallum Todd34+8186668
1stChris Anthony34+8186668
1stPaul Jones34+8186668
1stSarah Johnson34+8186668
5thAmie Bateen33+7785668
5thChris Hare33+7786667
5thElliott Mellor33+7785668
5thEoin Monaghan33+7785668
5thGerry Sullivan33+7785668
5thJames Haughton33+7785668
5thJohn Beresford33+7785668
5thJonny D33+7786667
5thJoseph H33+7785668
5thKaren Pearson33+7785668
5thMarcus Hares33+7785668
5thMatt Croy33+7785668
5thMatt Hamer33+7785668
5thOliver Garner33+7785668
5thRay Wilding33+7785668
5thSpike Guthrie33+7785668
5thStephen R33+7785668
22ndAndrew Keith32+6085667
22ndAnglo Italian32+6085667
22ndEdward Ashcroft32+6084668
22ndGraeme Cole32+6084668
22ndHazel Drury32+6084668
22ndJames Hurrell32+6085667
22ndJason Turner32+6085667
22ndJohn Gillies32+6085667
22ndJudith Young32+6085667
22ndMark Murray32+6085667
22ndPhil Collinge32+6085667
22ndTony Atkins32+6085667
34thBradley Horrocks31+4884667
34thBrendan Whitehurst31+4885567
34thChris Butler31+4885657
34thElizabeth Beer31+4885666
34thLee Nixon31+4883668
34thMark Tournoff31+4884667
34thRobin M31+4883668
34thRoger Vincent31+4883668
34thRonan M H31+4884667
34thRoss Allatt31+4885657
34thThomas Cappleman31+4884667
34thTim Down31+4884667
34thTracey Mills31+4885657
47thAnthony Endsor30+3583667
47thFiona T30+3584657
47thGeorge Armstrong30+3584567
47thIain Sime30+3584567
47thJim Goloboy30+3575657
47thKeith C Williams30+3583667
47thMatty Artell30+3583667
47thSam Prouse30+3583667
47thSteven Tew30+3584657
47thSuzy Turner30+3584666
47thZack K30+3585557
58thAlan Lloyd29+2475656
58thJosh Boddy29+2484566
60thJohnny Canuck28+2280668
60thKeith Williams28+2280668
62ndChristopher Irving27+2084465
62ndJack Slane27+2080667
62ndMargaret Juicer27+2075564
62ndMich H27+2080667
62ndStephen Holford27+2085608
62ndStewart Gordon27+2080667
68thAndy SC26+1470667
68thCammy L-26+1484068
68thDave Ryan26+1480657
68thIvan Dunt26+1485067
72ndDerek Matthews24+1075606
72ndGevin Chapwell24+1083067
72ndTom Bolland24+1075057
72ndTricia Lockhart24+1083067
76thBrett Davids23+683507
77thJojo Apollo21+580607
78thOgromniasty Siurok19+460454
78thReg Thompson19+485060
80thKarl Hewer15+204506
81stSean D14+180600

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