Daily Duel results for 15 May 2019

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 73.
Maximum score: 60.
Team score: 60. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate11%36%25%3%21%8%99%
1stJohnny Canuck58+73710887810
2ndHazel Drury57+72510878910
2ndJohn Beresford57+72510878910
4thJack Slane56+70710867810
4thJim M56+70510877910
4thMatt Hamer56+70710867810
7thBradley Horrocks55+67710668810
7thChris Hare55+67510868810
7thLuke Johnson-Davies55+67510877810
7thSarah Johnson55+6777877910
11thJonathan Wynn54+63510867810
11thMarcus Hares54+63510868710
13thMark Murray53+61510877610
13thMatt Croy53+61510568910
13thRoss Allatt53+61510867710
16thEoin Monaghan52+58510567910
16thMatty Artell52+58510867610
16thThomas Cappleman52+58510578710
19thAmie Bateen51+55510577710
19thJoseph H51+55510667710
21stMike C Daysley50+53510567710
21stTom Rowell50+53510567710
23rdIan Birdman49+5177567710
23rdMark Tournoff49+51510567610
23rdMich H49+51510567610
23rdRay Wilding49+5170888810
27thJonny D48+4757567810
27thThomas Carey48+4757567810
29thBrendan Whitehurst47+45410566610
29thDave Ryan47+4557567710
29thPhil Collinge47+4557567710
29thRoger Vincent47+4557568610
29thSpike Guthrie47+4557567710
29thTracey Mills47+4557567710
35thAlan Lloyd46+3957567610
35thIan Volante46+3957566710
35thJohn Gillies46+3957567610
35thSean Fletcher46+3957567610
39thJames Hurrell45+3557647610
40thStephen R44+3457078710
40thTim Down44+3450877710
42ndJames Haughton42+3257066810
42ndMark James42+3270567710
44thReg Thompson41+3050667710
44thSuzy Turner41+3050568710
46thChristy Cooper40+2850568610
46thEdward Ashcroft40+28510564010
46thJason Turner40+2850577610
46thJudith Young40+2850567710
46thSam Prouse40+2857508510
51stBrett Davids39+2350566710
51stFiona T39+2350567610
51stGeorge Armstrong39+2350566710
51stJamie French39+2350566710
51stKeith C Williams39+2350566710
51stRonan M H39+2350557710
57thAnthony Endsor38+1750566610
57thEmily Cox38+1750567510
57thJayne Wisniewski38+1750566610
57thKeith Williams38+1750557610
61stAndy SC37+1350566510
61stMark Mills37+1350457610
63rdIain Sime36+11510500610
63rdSteven Tew36+1150867010
65thRobin M35+900567710
65thTom Bolland35+950508710
67thAnglo Italian34+750568010
68thRichard Purcell33+600467610
69thCammy L-32+507564010
69thChris Butler32+550506610
69thTricia Lockhart32+55086670
72ndGerry Sullivan28+250067010
72ndTony Atkins28+250067010

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