Daily Duel results for 13 May 2019

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 78.
Maximum score: 48.
Team score: 48. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate65%32%60%73%78%67%
1stAmie Bateen48+817888710
1stCallum Todd48+817888710
1stChris Hare48+817888710
1stHazel Drury48+817888710
1stJames Hurrell48+817888710
1stJames Rowan48+817888710
1stJim M48+817888710
1stJohn Beresford48+817888710
1stJohnny Canuck48+817888710
1stJonny D48+817888710
1stJoseph H48+817888710
1stLuke Johnson-Davies48+817888710
1stMarcus Hares48+817888710
1stMatt Hamer48+817888710
1stPaul Jones48+817888710
1stRay Wilding48+817888710
1stRonan M H48+817888710
1stSarah Johnson48+817888710
1stTim Down48+817888710
20thBradley Horrocks47+597788710
20thEoin Monaghan47+597788710
20thGraeme Cole47+597788710
20thIan Birdman47+597788710
20thJack Slane47+597788710
20thMark Murray47+597788710
20thMark Tournoff47+597788710
20thPhil Collinge47+596888710
20thRobin M47+597788710
20thStephen R47+597788710
20thTracey Mills47+597887710
20thVincent Barcet47+597788710
32ndEdward Ashcroft46+476788710
32ndJudith Young46+477787710
32ndMatty Artell46+476788710
32ndMich H46+476788710
32ndRoss Allatt46+477787710
32ndTom Rowell46+477778710
32ndTony Atkins46+477778710
39thJames Haughton45+406787710
39thMark James45+406788610
39thThomas Cappleman45+406778710
42ndCammy L-44+377587710
42ndDave Ryan44+376768710
42ndSam Prouse44+376778610
45thJamie French42+346776610
46thAlan Lloyd41+336676610
47thJonathan Wynn40+327088710
48thGerry Sullivan39+310877710
48thNiall Waters39+316088710
50thRoss Jeffries38+296778010
51stAnthony Endsor37+28778870
51stCillian McMulkin37+28778870
51stGeorge Armstrong37+28778870
51stJason Turner37+28788860
51stSpike Guthrie37+28688870
56thJayne Wisniewski36+23777870
56thMatthew Tassier36+23777870
56thRoger Vincent36+23777870
56thSuzy Turner36+23777870
56thTricia Lockhart36+236770610
61stAlex H35+18777860
61stAnglo Italian35+18777770
61stJohn Gillies35+18777860
61stKeith Williams35+18777860
65thGerard O'Shea34+14676870
65thTom Bolland34+14677770
67thAndy SC33+12766770
67thBrendan Whitehurst33+12677670
69thAndy Evans32+10667850
69thIain Sime32+10766760
69thNicky Clarke32+10677570
69thSteven Tew32+10676760
73rdSean D31+6088870
74thMargaret Juicer29+5676730
75thPeter J Clarke28+4777700
76thFiona T26+3676070
77thKeith C Williams24+2666060
78thRichard Purcell23+16700010

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