Daily Duel results for 10 May 2019

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 72.
Maximum score: 9.
Team score: 9. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate31%8%85%14%3%93%18%10%25%
1stBradley Horrocks6+72111101100
1stGerry Sullivan6+72101011011
1stJim M6+72111001101
1stMatthew Tassier6+72111001011
5thChris Hare5+68001101011
5thLuke Johnson-Davies5+68101101010
5thMatt Hamer5+68101001101
5thNorm Ahmad5+68101001101
5thRay Wilding5+68011001101
5thTim Down5+68101001101
11thEdward Ashcroft4+62111001000
11thEoin Monaghan4+62101101000
11thJamie French4+62001101100
11thJohnny Canuck4+62001101001
11thJonny D4+62001001110
11thKaren Pearson4+62001101100
11thOliver Garner4+62101001001
11thPaul Jones4+62101011000
11thRobin M4+62101001100
11thRonan M H4+62101001001
21stAlan Lloyd3+52001001100
21stBrendan Whitehurst3+52101001000
21stCammy L-3+52001001010
21stHazel Drury3+52001001001
21stJack Slane3+52001001100
21stJames Hurrell3+52001001001
21stJoseph H3+52001001001
21stKeith C Williams3+52101001000
21stMarcus Hares3+52001001100
21stMark Murray3+52001001001
21stMark Tournoff3+52101001000
21stNeil Collins3+52001001001
21stPeter J Clarke3+52100001001
21stRoger Vincent3+52101001000
21stRoss Allatt3+52001001001
21stSpike Guthrie3+52001001010
21stStephen R3+52100101000
21stTony Atkins3+52001101000
21stVincent Barcet3+52011001000
21stZarte Siempre3+52001101000
41stAmie Bateen2+32001001000
41stAndy SC2+32001001000
41stAnglo Italian2+32001001000
41stBrett Davids2+32001001000
41stDave Ryan2+32001001000
41stIain Sime2+32001001000
41stIan Volante2+32001001000
41stIvan Dunt2+32001001000
41stJames Haughton2+32001001000
41stJason Turner2+32001001000
41stJohn Beresford2+32001001000
41stKeith Williams2+32001001000
41stMatty Artell2+32001001000
41stMich H2+32001001000
41stPhil Collinge2+32001001000
41stReg Thompson2+32001001000
41stRoss Jeffries2+32100001000
41stSam Prouse2+32001001000
41stThomas Cappleman2+32001001000
41stTom Bolland2+32001001000
41stTom Rowell2+32001001000
41stTracey Mills2+32100001000
63rdFiona T1+10000001000
63rdJess Hay1+10001000000
63rdJohn Gillies1+10001000000
63rdNicky Clarke1+10000001000
63rdPiaras M Carney1+10001000000
63rdSteven Tew1+10000001000
63rdSuzy Turner1+10000001000
63rdTricia Lockhart1+10000001000
71stJudith Young0+2000000000
71stSteven Oldham0+2000000000

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