Daily Duel results for 12 March 2019

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 89.
Maximum score: 51.
Team score: 51. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate21%88%47%61%30%13%
1stElliott Mellor51+92101010768
1stFrank Yu51+92101010768
3rdSarah Johnson50+87101010758
3rdStephen R50+87101010767
5thBradley Horrocks49+85101010748
5thGevin Chapwell49+85101010757
5thIan Volante49+85101010667
5thLuke Johnson-Davies49+85101010748
5thPhil Collinge49+85101010757
5thScott Gillies49+85101010757
5thSean D49+85101010757
5thThomas Cappleman49+85101010757
5thVincent Barcet49+85101010757
14thRay Wilding48+7671010768
15thChris Anthony47+7571010767
15thSpike Guthrie47+7571010767
17thChris Hare46+7371010766
17thGerry Sullivan46+7371010757
17thJames Hurrell46+7371010658
17thMarcus Hares46+7371010757
17thMark Murray46+7371010757
22ndChris Butler45+6810107567
22ndCillian McMulkin45+687107768
22ndDinos Sfyris45+6810107657
22ndEoin Monaghan45+6871010657
22ndHazel Drury45+6871010747
22ndJamie French45+6871010657
22ndJayne Wisniewski45+6871010756
22ndMatt Hamer45+687107768
30thJames Leroux44+607107767
31stAnglo Italian43+5951010657
31stRoss Allatt43+597107667
31stTracey Mills43+597107757
34thAlex H42+56101010750
34thIain Sime42+567107657
34thMatthew Tassier42+56101010057
34thMich H42+567107657
34thRobin M42+567107747
34thTony Atkins42+567107666
40thJohnny Canuck41+5001010768
40thSean Fletcher41+5001010768
42ndCallum Todd40+4801010767
42ndJohn Beresford40+48777757
42ndRoger Vincent40+4810710067
42ndThomas Carey40+4810100767
46thAmie Bateen38+4451010607
46thIan Birdman38+4471010740
46thJim M38+440107768
46thReginald Thompson38+4401010747
46thTom Bolland38+4401010657
51stAnthony Endsor37+3901010557
51stEdward Ashcroft37+3901010557
51stJason Turner37+390107767
51stJoseph H37+397100767
51stKeith Williams37+3901010647
56thCammy L-36+340107757
56thGraeme Cole36+347100757
56thJulia Hayward36+340107667
56thLee Nixon36+340107757
56thPatrick Thompson36+347107750
56thTim Down36+340107757
62ndBrendan Whitehurst35+280107657
62ndDave Ryan35+280107747
62ndElizabeth Beer35+280107657
62ndGeorge Armstrong.35+280107747
62ndJohn Gillies35+280107657
62ndJon Elmer35+287100747
62ndSteven Tew35+287010657
69thMark James34+2101010707
70thFiona T33+205100657
70thMatt Croy33+20707757
72ndJack Slane30+180100767
73rdMark Tournoff29+170100757
74thKeith C Williams28+160010747
74thLiam Jones28+160107047
74thNiall Waters28+160100657
74thTricia Lockhart28+160100567
78thFish Badloser27+120100647
78thGerard O'Shea27+120100647
78thJudith Young27+120100647
81stBrett Davids26+9007757
81stSam Prouse26+9700757
83rdIvan Dunt25+7007747
84thAndy SC23+6007646
84thDerek Matthews23+60100607
84thMatty Artell23+60100067
84thPenelope Nish23+6070556
88thRoss Jeffries20+20100640
89thAlan Lloyd19+1000766

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