Daily Duel results for 10 January 2019

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 84.
Maximum score: 45.
Team score: 45. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate25%61%93%93%40%
1stElliott Mellor45+8881010107
1stIan Birdman45+8881010107
1stJack Worsley45+8881010107
1stJames Haughton45+8881010107
1stJohnny Canuck45+8881010107
1stMark Tournoff45+8881010107
1stMatt Croy45+8881010107
1stSarah Johnson45+8881010107
1stSpike Guthrie45+8881010107
10thBradley Horrocks44+7671010107
10thChris Hare44+7681010106
10thEddy Byrne44+7671010107
10thGraeme Cole44+7671010107
10thJack Slane44+7671010107
10thJames Hurrell44+7671010107
10thMarcus Hares44+7671010107
10thMatthew Tassier44+7671010107
10thRay Wilding44+7671010107
10thRobin M44+7671010107
10thThomas Cappleman44+7671010107
10thTony Atkins44+7671010107
22ndChris Anthony43+6471010106
22ndGevin Chapwell43+6481010105
22ndIan Volante43+6461010107
22ndJonny D43+6471010106
22ndMatty Artell43+6461010107
22ndStephen R43+6471010106
22ndTim Down43+6471010106
22ndTom Chafer-Cook43+6461010107
22ndVincent Barcet43+6471010106
31stAlex H42+5561010106
31stJamie French42+5561010106
31stKeith Williams42+5561010106
31stLee Nixon42+5561010106
31stMatt Hamer42+558710107
31stNeil Collins42+5561010106
31stPhil Collinge42+5551010107
31stTracey Mills42+5551010107
39thAdam Driscoll.41+4761010105
39thChris Butler41+4761010105
39thEdward Ashcroft41+4761010105
39thEmily Cox41+4751010106
39thEoin Monaghan41+478710106
39thGeorge Armstrong.41+4761010105
39thJim M41+477710107
39thJohn Gillies41+4761010105
39thPiaras M Carney41+4761010105
39thSam Prouse41+4761010105
39thToby McDonald41+477710107
50thDave Ryan40+3661010104
50thKeith C Williams40+3661010104
50thTricia Lockhart40+3651010105
53rdJason Turner38+336710105
53rdMatt Moody38+336710105
55thJames Wynde37+3171010100
57thAmie Bateen35+298010107
57thCammy L-35+298010107
57thSean Fletcher35+298100107
60thJohn Beresford34+268010106
60thMark Murray34+268010106
60thRoger Vincent34+267010107
63rdAnglo Italian33+236710100
63rdCallum Todd33+236010107
63rdHazel Drury33+237010106
63rdReginald Thompson33+238010105
67thAnthony Endsor32+196010106
67thEoin Jackson32+196010106
67thJudith Young32+196010106
70thDave Garda31+16807106
70thMich H31+166510100
70thSteven Tew31+166010105
73rdDerek Matthews30+135010105
73rdGareth Howell30+135010105
73rdSteve H30+135101005
76thPaul Jones28+108010100
76thRhys Benjamin28+10601075
78thAndy SC26+80010106
79thBrett Davids22+7600106
80thAlan Lloyd21+6600105
80thFiona T21+6601005
80thJames Leroux21+6600105
80thJulia Hayward21+6601005
80thSuzy Turner21+6601005
85thRoss Allatt20+167007

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