Daily Duel results for 9 January 2019

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 86.
Maximum score: 23.
Team score: 23. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate9%30%6%
1stElliott Mellor23+89887
2ndEddy Byrne22+85886
2ndJim M22+85787
2ndNeil Collins22+85886
2ndRob Foster22+85886
2ndSarah Johnson22+85787
2ndSpike Guthrie22+85886
2ndTim Down22+85886
9thAdam Driscoll.21+78786
9thBradley Horrocks21+78876
9thChris Hare21+78786
9thDave Garda21+78786
9thEmily Cox21+78786
9thEoin Monaghan21+78786
9thHazel Drury21+78876
9thHerbert Plank21+78786
9thIan Birdman21+78786
9thJohn Beresford21+78777
9thJohnny Canuck21+78786
9thMatt Croy21+78786
9thMatt Hamer21+78786
9thPhil Collinge21+78786
9thSean Fletcher21+78786
9thTom Chafer-Cook21+78777
25thAnthony Endsor20+62776
25thCammy L-20+62776
25thChris Anthony20+62776
25thChris Butler20+62776
25thEdward Ashcroft20+62776
25thFiona T20+62776
25thGevin Chapwell20+62776
25thGraeme Cole20+62776
25thIan Volante20+62776
25thJack Slane20+62776
25thJames Leroux20+62776
25thJames Wynde20+62776
25thJason Turner20+62776
25thJohn Gillies20+62776
25thJon Elmer20+62686
25thJonny D20+62776
25thKeith C Williams20+62776
25thKeith Williams20+62776
25thLuke Johnson-Davies20+62776
25thMarcus Hares20+62686
25thMark James20+62776
25thMark Murray20+62776
25thMark Tournoff20+62776
25thMatt Moody20+62776
25thMatty Artell20+62776
25thRay Wilding20+62776
25thReginald Thompson20+62776
25thRobin M20+62776
25thRoger Vincent20+62776
25thRoss Allatt20+62776
25thSam Prouse20+62776
25thSean D20+62776
25thStephen R20+62776
25thThomas Cappleman20+62776
25thTony Atkins20+62776
25thTracey Mills20+62686
25thVincent Barcet20+62785
62ndAlex H19+25676
62ndAndy SC19+25775
62ndAnglo Italian19+25676
62ndBrendan Whitehurst19+25676
62ndDave Noble19+25676
62ndGeorge Armstrong.19+25775
62ndJamie French19+25676
62ndJudith Young19+25676
62ndLee Nixon19+25676
62ndMatthew Tassier19+25676
62ndMich H19+25676
62ndPhilip Aston19+25775
62ndPiaras M Carney19+25586
62ndRhys Benjamin19+25676
62ndRoss Jeffries19+25676
62ndSteven Tew19+25676
78thAlan Lloyd18+9576
78thJulia Hayward18+9666
80thChristopher Walker17+7665
80thTricia Lockhart17+7656
80thZack K17+7665
83rdStephen Holford15+4780
84thJames Hurrell13+3706
84thSteve H13+3706
86thTlou Laz12+1606

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