Daily Duel results for 8 November 2018

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 63.
Maximum score: 43.
Team score: 41. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate3%6%10%16%0%0%33%
1stMatt Hamer34+635455654
2ndEoin Monaghan31+624534744
2ndMarcus Hares31+625544643
2ndSarah Johnson31+624643563
5thAndy SC30+594550754
6thAnthony Endsor28+584444444
6thIan Volante28+580555544
8thNeil Collins27+565466060
8thVincent Barcet27+564463604
10thMatt Croy26+543333743
11thTony Atkins25+530506653
12thBradley Horrocks24+524343343
12thFiona T24+520054654
12thMatthew Tassier24+524634043
12thZack K24+525054550
16thAnglo Italian23+485405603
16thSam Prouse23+484433324
18thCillian McMulkin22+464033354
18thJack Slane22+460055444
18thJack Worsley22+465446003
18thRay Wilding22+460066604
18thSteven Tew22+464423333
18thZarte Siempre22+460066604
24thElliott Mellor21+403333333
24thJohn Beresford21+400644700
24thJon Elmer21+404424043
24thRoss Jeffries21+403335043
28thDave Noble20+364003454
28thIan Birdman20+360064064
28thKaren Pearson20+360433343
28thRoger Vincent20+364333223
28thTim Down20+363333044
28thToby McDonald20+364335032
34thChris Hare19+305034043
34thJohn Gillies19+300334603
34thThomas Cappleman19+300544060
37thJames Hurrell18+274434003
37thNorm Ahmad18+275324040
37thPhil Collinge18+270333333
37thSuzy Turner18+270066060
41stJason Turner17+234034303
42ndGraeme Cole16+225434000
42ndJames Haughton16+220056050
44thCammy L-15+206050004
44thMatty Artell15+203033600
46thChris Butler14+180054050
46thJudith Young14+180006053
46thTricia Lockhart14+180033404
49thStephen R13+155004004
50thEmily Cox12+144004400
50thJohnny Canuck12+140403500
50thSpike Guthrie12+140600600
53rdDave Ryan11+116005000
54thBrett Davids10+100033004
54thEdward Ashcroft10+100006004
54thStephen Holford10+100006004
57thJamie French9+70450000
57thMark Tournoff9+70054000
57thPiaras M Carney9+70054000
57thSean Fletcher9+70054000
61stGevin Chapwell7+30004003
62ndJim Michael2+20000200
63rdScott Gillies0+10000000

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