Daily Duel results for 11 October 2018

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 71.
Maximum score: 71.
Team score: 71. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate17%79%77%55%52%25%3%
1stElliott Mellor71+74101067101018
1stTransude Transude71+74101067101018
3rdChris Hare61+6910106710108
4thJack Worsley60+6810106710107
4thStephen R60+6810105710108
6thIan Volante58+667106710108
6thVincent Barcet58+6610106610106
8thMatty Artell57+647106610108
9thJack Slane55+63710671078
9thJohnny Canuck55+63710671078
9thMarcus Hares55+63710671078
9thMatt Croy55+63710671078
9thMatt Hamer55+63710671078
9thSpike Guthrie55+63710671078
15thPhil Collinge54+57710661078
15thTom Chafer-Cook54+57710661078
17thJames Leroux53+55710661077
18thKeith C Williams52+54510671077
19thRoger Vincent51+530106710108
19thSarah Johnson51+531010670108
19thZarte Siempre51+531010671008
22ndRay Wilding50+501010661008
23rdJon Elmer48+49710061078
23rdKaren Pearson48+49010671078
23rdSean Fletcher48+49710670108
23rdTim Down48+49010671078
27thTracey Mills47+45710671070
28thAnglo Italian46+44710561008
29thJim M45+4307671078
30thAlex H44+4271066078
30thDave Noble44+4271066078
30thJohn Beresford44+421000710107
30thSteve Anderson44+420106010108
34thEmily Cox43+380106710100
34thStephen Holford43+3871066077
36thEdward Ashcroft42+36070710108
36thJamie French42+3671046078
36thStuart McFarlane42+3657671070
39thMark Tournoff41+33101067008
40thAnthony Endsor40+32010660108
40thMikey Lear40+32005710108
40thSam Prouse40+32010061077
43rdHazel Drury38+2901067078
43rdJason Turner38+2971067008
43rdJojo Apollo38+2971006078
43rdTony Atkins38+2901067078
47thAndrew Smith36+2571057070
47thChris Butler36+2571066007
49thAndy SC35+2371040077
49thJayne Wisniewski35+2351066008
49thRobin M35+237067078
49thSteven Tew35+237767008
49thToby McDonald35+2351067070
54thMich H34+180766078
55thCallum Todd33+17101067000
56thJames Hurrell30+1601067070
56thJudith Young30+1600661008
56thJulia Hayward30+1601066008
56thKeith Williams30+1601067007
60thElizabeth Beer29+127744007
60thGeorge Armstrong.29+1201066070
60thPiaras M Carney29+1207661000
63rdRhys Benjamin28+951006070
64thCammy L-27+80066078
64thMatt Morrison27+801046070
64thMichelle N27+8010071000
67thCiaran Crawley26+57066070
67thEoin Monaghan26+5010600100
67thRoss Allatt26+50766070
70thJohn Gillies23+201006007
71stSam Buxton13+10067000

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