Daily Duel results for 8 August 2018

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 64.
Maximum score: 100.
Team score: 98. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate0%11%11%22%2%2%5%66%3%2%
1stMatt Hamer87+6471091089510109
2ndJohn Beresford84+6389101010991009
3rdJim M83+628109109991009
4thChris Hare81+617910108991009
4thThomas Cappleman81+618991089101008
6thElliott Mellor80+598891081091008
7thCallum Todd74+5889010891010010
8thRobin M72+578100108891009
9thJames Rowan70+56810908971009
9thMatt Croy70+560910108861009
11thHazel Drury69+54810910689009
12thJack Slane68+5388907981009
12thMarcus Hares68+5388808891009
12thMartin Hurst68+5379907991008
15thBradley Horrocks67+5088808971009
16thAndrew McNamara66+49691007691009
16thJason Turner66+4968809991007
18thGraeme Cole63+4789909901009
19thJames Robinson61+4689908801009
19thJohnny Canuck61+46870108901009
19thMark Tournoff61+4609907991008
19thRay Wilding61+46810007890109
23rdMark Murray60+42701007891009
24thMatty Artell59+4169810899000
24thNoel Mcilvenny59+4179008981008
24thNorm Ahmad59+4169900981008
24thPhil Collinge59+4189008971008
28thJohn Gillies58+3769008981008
29thTony Atkins57+36681000791007
30thMich H56+356990879008
31stRoger Vincent55+3467908691000
32ndJack Worsley54+3309908901009
32ndPhyl Styles54+330109100801007
32ndSean Fletcher54+337980779007
32ndStephen R54+338890686009
36thJames Hurrell52+2908009891008
36thToby McDonald52+2988008091009
36thTricia Lockhart52+296890876008
39thEoin Monaghan51+2688000971009
39thNigel Mercer51+2669900641007
39thSpike Guthrie51+268900889009
39thTracey Mills51+268800899009
43rdDave Ryan50+22091007771000
43rdJudith Young50+2270008891008
43rdSam Prouse50+2208008791008
46thCharlie Stark49+196690759007
47thSarah Johnson47+18000109910009
48thJames Leroux46+177800769009
49thScott Gillies45+167900896006
50thJames Laverty43+1589008801000
50thMark James43+150980890009
50thTim Down43+1570008991000
53rdJohn Cowen42+1268000901009
54thAnthony Endsor41+115900685008
54thKeith Williams41+110900789008
56thEmily Cox39+95900079009
57thAndy Watson37+857006091000
57thJayne Wisniewski37+877000601007
59thDave Noble35+67800750008
60thRhys Benjamin34+557000501007
61stChristy Cooper25+46800060005
62ndAndy SC24+30890070000
63rdAmar Chotai22+20600880000
64thJosh Jefferis17+10800090000

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