Daily Duel results for 15 April 2018

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 81.
Maximum score: 38.
Team score: 37. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate16%91%0%93%
1stSimpatico Jones37+811010710
2ndCallum Todd36+801010610
2ndGiles H36+801010610
2ndGraeme Cole36+801010610
2ndIan Volante36+801010610
2ndJ E36+801010610
2ndJohn Beresford36+801010610
2ndMarcus Hares36+801010610
2ndMatt Croy36+801010610
2ndThomas Cappleman36+801010610
2ndThomas Carey36+801010610
12thChris Hare33+70710610
12thDave Noble33+70710610
12thJohnny Canuck33+70710610
12thMatt Hamer33+70710610
12thStephen R33+70710610
12thSuzy Turner33+70710610
12thTricia Lockhart33+70710610
19thMichelle N30+631010010
20thAlex H26+62010610
20thAndrew Smith26+62010610
20thAnglo Italian26+62010610
20thAnthony Endsor26+62010610
20thBradley Horrocks26+62010610
20thCammy- Lovatt26+62010610
20thChris Butler26+62010610
20thCillian McMulkin26+62010610
20thDave Ryan26+62010610
20thDerek Matthews26+62010610
20thGeorge Armstrong.26+62010610
20thGerry Tynan26+62010610
20thGevin Chapwell26+62010610
20thIan Birdman26+62010610
20thJames Hurrell26+62010610
20thJamie French26+62010610
20thJayne Wisniewski26+62010610
20thJohn Cowen26+62010610
20thJohn Gillies26+62010610
20thJonathan Wynn26+62010610
20thJordan Friedman26+62010610
20thJudith Young26+62010610
20thKeith Williams26+62010610
20thLiam O26+62010610
20thMark James26+62010610
20thMark Miller Moore26+62010610
20thMark Tournoff26+62010610
20thMartin Hurst26+62010610
20thMatt Morrison26+62010610
20thMatthew Tassier26+62010610
20thMatty Artell26+62010610
20thMich H26+62010610
20thPhil Collinge26+62010610
20thRay Wilding26+62100610
20thRobin M26+62010610
20thRoger Vincent26+62010610
20thRoss Allatt26+62010610
20thRyan Lam26+62010610
20thSam Prouse26+62010610
20thSean Fletcher26+62010610
20thSpike Guthrie26+62010610
20thSteven Tew26+62010610
20thTim Down26+62010610
20thToby McDonald26+62010610
20thVincent Barcet26+62010610
65thAndy SC25+17010510
65thJason Turner25+17010510
67thTracey Mills23+1570610
68thAaron Madeley20+14010010
68thBen Leyburn20+14010010
68thDamian Banks20+14010010
68thElliott Mellor20+14010010
68thHazel Drury20+14010010
73rdMark Murray17+971000
74thJack Slane16+801060
74thJonny D16+800610
74thTony Atkins16+801060
77thBryan Jackson12+50750
78thAndy Platt10+401000
78thEmily Cox10+400010
78thScott Gillies10+400010
81stPaul Culloty6+10060

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