Daily Duel results for 11 January 2018

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 83.
Maximum score: 90.
Team score: 89. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate34%99%99%1%0%5%1%
1stRoger Vincent75+8318101066187
2ndMartin Hurst68+821810107788
2ndMatt Hamer68+821810107788
4thBradley Horrocks67+801810107787
4thChris Hare67+801810107688
6thJason Turner66+781810107687
6thMarcus Hares66+781810107687
6thPhil Collinge66+781810106688
6thRobin M66+781810106787
6thSean Fletcher66+781810106787
6thThomas Cappleman66+788101076187
6thToby McDonald66+781810107777
6thTracey Mills 66+781810107786
14thAndy Christley65+707101067187
14thCiaran Crawley65+701810106687
14thIan Volante65+701810107677
14thMark Murray65+708101066187
14thMark Tournoff65+701810106687
19thCallum Todd64+6518101000818
19thKaren Pearson64+651810106677
19thMich H64+651810106677
19thPini Stimler64+651810105678
23rdJonny D63+611810106577
24thJohn Beresford59+601810107680
24thJonathan Wynn59+601810106087
24thSamir Pilica59+601810100678
27thEmily Cox58+571810107607
27thMichelle N58+57810107788
27thPhilip Aston58+571810107670
27thSam Prouse58+571810100677
31stJack Slane57+53810107688
31stJon Wilford57+53810107778
31stRay Wilding57+53810107787
31stTim Down57+53810107787
35thAmie Bateen56+49810106688
35thChris Butler56+49810107687
35thElliott Mellor56+49810106787
35thGerry Tynan56+49810107687
35thGraeme Cole56+49710107787
35thHazel Drury56+49810108776
35thJon Elmer56+49810106778
35thMatthew Tassier56+49810107687
35thSpike Guthrie56+49810106787
35thStuart McFarlane56+49810107777
45thAnthony Endsor55+39810106687
45thBrett Davids55+39810106777
45thGiles H55+39710106688
45thJ E55+39810107776
45thMatt Morrison55+39810106687
45thRichard Hoddinott55+39810107686
45thStephen R55+39810106687
52ndBen Leyburn54+32810104787
52ndGevin Chapwell54+32810106677
52ndJames Hurrell54+32810107676
52ndSuzy Turner54+32810105687
56thAnglo Italian53+28810106667
56thDave Noble53+28710106677
56thDave Ryan53+28710106677
56thJohn Gillies53+28810106685
56thJulia Hayward53+28710106677
56thRyan Lam53+28710106677
56thSteven Tew53+28710106677
56thTricia Lockhart53+28710107667
64thAilsa Watson51+20710106666
64thJohn Slater51+20810105477
66thMatt Croy50+18810100787
66thSean D50+181810106600
68thJamie French49+16810107077
68thJohnny Canuck49+16010107787
68thMatty Artell49+16810107077
71stJames Haughton47+13710106680
71stPedro Perkins47+13710104556
71stScott Gillies47+13810105680
74thRick Flaherty46+10010106677
75thAndy SC45+9180106560
75thMark Mills45+9010106676
75thRoss Jeffries45+9710106057
78thSuja Ramki42+6710104065
79thSteve Anderson41+5710100707
80thBradley Holland39+4010106607
81stTony Atkins34+3810106000
82ndDerek Matthews31+271007070
83rdVincent Barcet30+1010104600

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