Daily Duel results for 10 January 2018

Ian Volante

Ian Volante Can be far off being the easiest duel on record.

Ian Volante

Ian Volante Can't be far off being the easiest duel on record.

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Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck Duel #6666: Not exactly the duel of the beast.

Bradley Holland

Bradley Holland 85/89 maxes!

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison 619/623

Gevin Chapwell

Gevin Chapwell Round 3 and also Round 7 in particular proved just too tough for the full maxes.

Matt Hamer

Matt Hamer Re: Johnny's observation, I wonder how the Duel numbering works. This was Duel 6666 (see URL), and Duel 1 was the first Duel back in August 2008... but not every number between 1 and 6666 corresponds to a Duel, as I believe there have been fewer than 4000 Duels. Duel 2999 doesn't exist, for example.

Chris Hare

Chris Hare 28 February 2009 was Duel 477.
1 March 2009 was Duel 239. Answers on a postcard, please...

Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck 27 February 2009 was Duel 237, and there was no Duel 238. There seems to have been an "Endurance Event" on 28 February, probably featuring one new duel per hour, and this replaced Duel 238 entirely. Not sure why they would pick an out-of-sequence run of numbers for the endurance duels though.

Matt Hamer

Matt Hamer The Duels used to be generated in blocks of many days. (I believe this was to give a good variation of time limits/formats/variants.) When voting came in, this blocking continued, although each Duel in the block had multiple choices. If I had to guess, the unusual numbering might be due to creation of blocks of Duels.

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 89.
Maximum score: 70.
Team score: 70. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate100%100%99%100%100%100%97%
1stAdam Dexter70+9210101010101010
1stAilsa Watson70+9210101010101010
1stAlex H70+9210101010101010
1stAmie Bateen70+9210101010101010
1stAndy Christley70+9210101010101010
1stAndy SC70+9210101010101010
1stAnglo Italian70+9210101010101010
1stAnthony Endsor70+9210101010101010
1stBradley Horrocks70+9210101010101010
1stBrett Davids70+9210101010101010
1stChris Butler70+9210101010101010
1stChris Hare70+9210101010101010
1stCiaran Crawley70+9210101010101010
1stDave Noble70+9210101010101010
1stDave Ryan70+9210101010101010
1stDerek Matthews70+9210101010101010
1stElliott Mellor70+9210101010101010
1stEmily Cox70+9210101010101010
1stFred W70+9210101010101010
1stGerry Tynan70+9210101010101010
1stGevin Chapwell70+9210101010101010
1stGiles H70+9210101010101010
1stGraeme Cole70+9210101010101010
1stGulshan Ram70+9210101010101010
1stHazel Drury70+9210101010101010
1stHerbert Plank70+9210101010101010
1stIan Volante70+9210101010101010
1stJ E70+9210101010101010
1stJack Slane70+9210101010101010
1stJames Haughton70+9210101010101010
1stJames Hurrell70+9210101010101010
1stJamie French70+9210101010101010
1stJason Turner70+9210101010101010
1stJohn Beresford70+9210101010101010
1stJohn Gillies70+9210101010101010
1stJohn Slater70+9210101010101010
1stJohnny Canuck70+9210101010101010
1stJonathan Wynn70+9210101010101010
1stJonny D70+9210101010101010
1stJulia Hayward70+9210101010101010
1stKaren Pearson70+9210101010101010
1stMarcus Hares70+9210101010101010
1stMark James70+9210101010101010
1stMark Murray70+9210101010101010
1stMark Tournoff70+9210101010101010
1stMartin Hurst70+9210101010101010
1stMatt Croy70+9210101010101010
1stMatt Hamer70+9210101010101010
1stMatt Morrison70+9210101010101010
1stMatthew Tassier70+9210101010101010
1stMatty Artell70+9210101010101010
1stMich H70+9210101010101010
1stMichelle N70+9210101010101010
1stN G70+9210101010101010
1stPhil Collinge70+9210101010101010
1stPhilip Aston70+9210101010101010
1stPini Stimler70+9210101010101010
1stRay Wilding70+9210101010101010
1stRichard Hoddinott70+9210101010101010
1stRick Flaherty70+9210101010101010
1stRobin M70+9210101010101010
1stRoger Vincent70+9210101010101010
1stRoss Allatt70+9210101010101010
1stRoss Jeffries70+9210101010101010
1stRyan Lam70+9210101010101010
1stSam Hodkin70+9210101010101010
1stSam Prouse70+9210101010101010
1stSamir Pilica70+9210101010101010
1stScott Gillies70+9210101010101010
1stSean D70+9210101010101010
1stSean Fletcher70+9210101010101010
1stSpike Guthrie70+9210101010101010
1stStephen R70+9210101010101010
1stSteve Anderson70+9210101010101010
1stStuart McFarlane70+9210101010101010
1stSuzy Turner70+9210101010101010
1stThomas Cappleman70+9210101010101010
1stThomas Carey70+9210101010101010
1stTim Down70+9210101010101010
1stToby McDonald70+9210101010101010
1stTony Atkins70+9210101010101010
1stTracey Mills70+9210101010101010
1stTricia Lockhart70+9210101010101010
1stVincent Barcet70+9210101010101010
1stWill Gausden70+9210101010101010
86thAndrew Smith60+41010101010100
86thIan Birdman60+41010101010100
86thNeil Collins60+41010101010100
86thSuja Ramki60+41010010101010

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