Daily Duel results for 16 July 2017

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 84.
Maximum score: 47.
Team score: 47. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate26%35%19%81%44%
1stZarte Siempre47+89710101010
2ndGiles H46+85610101010
2ndJack Slane46+85610101010
2ndMatt Hamer46+85610101010
2ndSean Fletcher46+85610101010
6thEoin Jackson44+8177101010
6thMatt Croy44+8171071010
8thPhil Collinge43+7961071010
8thQuinn James43+7967101010
8thScott Gillies43+7961071010
11thAmar Chotai41+767107107
11thJohnny Canuck41+767771010
11thJon Elmer41+767771010
11thRay Wilding41+767710107
15thAlex H40+726771010
15thAmie Bateen40+726710107
15thGraeme Cole40+726710710
15thMarcus Hares40+72010101010
15thMark Murray40+726771010
15thRobin M40+726710107
15thRoger Vincent40+726107710
22ndChris Hare38+65777107
22ndHazel Drury38+65777107
22ndSimpatico Jones38+65777107
25thMark Tournoff37+62610777
26thAilsa Watson36+6161001010
26thMark James36+6161001010
26thRoss Allatt36+6161001010
29thBradley Horrocks34+587100107
29thElliott Mellor34+587701010
29thStephen R34+587010107
32ndChris Butler33+556100107
32ndDave Noble33+556100710
32ndJohn Beresford33+556071010
32ndJudith Young33+556107100
32ndJulia Hayward33+556701010
32ndKaren Pearson33+556100107
32ndMike Springett33+556100710
32ndSteven Tew33+556100107
32ndStuart McFarlane33+556100107
32ndTracey Mills 33+556710100
42ndMartin Hurst31+45770107
43rdAndy SC30+44670107
43rdJohn Gillies30+44610077
43rdLiam Tiernan30+44670107
43rdNicola Owens30+44670710
43rdTony Atkins30+44670107
49thAndrew Smith29+38570107
50thEddy Byrne27+377001010
50thTim Down27+377001010
52ndAidan L26+356010100
52ndAndrew Hypes26+356100100
52ndAnglo Italian26+356100100
52ndGerry Tynan26+356001010
52ndS J26+356001010
52ndThomas Cappleman26+356001010
58thNikki Saarsteiner25+295001010
58thTricia Lockhart25+295100100
60thIan Birdman24+27770100
60thLiam O24+27707010
60thMatty Artell24+27700107
63rdJames Hurrell23+24600107
63rdJamie French23+24610070
63rdMatthew Tassier23+24670100
66thPhilip Peel22+21500107
67thIan Volante20+200001010
67thStuart Abbott20+200100100
69thEmily Cox17+18070100
69thGraham Harrison17+18000710
69thJon Wilford17+18000107
69thMatt Morrison17+18070100
69thPhilip Aston17+18700100
69thTlou Laz17+18000107
69thToby McDonald17+18700100
76thAnthony Endsor16+11601000
76thGevin Chapwell16+11600100
78thJason Turner15+9500010
78thSam Prouse15+9500100
80thJyothi Sandeepani14+7400100
81stCammy- Lovatt13+660007
82ndRichard Hayward12+557000
83rdFiona H10+4000010
83rdGer Breen10+4000100
85thNoel Mcilvenny7+270000

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