Daily Duel results for 14 July 2017

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 84.
Maximum score: 34.
Team score: 27. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate0%14%2%56%33%
2ndChris Hare21+8500876
3rdJohnny Canuck19+8406076
3rdMatt Hamer19+8406076
3rdNicola Owens19+8406076
3rdQuinn James19+8406076
3rdStephen R19+8406076
3rdZarte Siempre19+8406076
9thAmie Bateen13+7800076
9thAndrew Smith13+7806070
9thCammy- Lovatt13+7800076
9thIan Volante13+7800076
9thJames Hurrell13+7806070
9thMatt Croy13+7806070
9thRay Wilding13+7800076
9thRobin M13+7800076
9thScott Gillies13+7800076
9thSean Fletcher13+7806070
9thThomas Cappleman13+7800076
9thThomas Carey13+7800076
9thTim Down13+7800076
9thTracey Mills 13+7800076
23rdEoin Jackson12+6406006
24thHazel Drury8+6300800
25thAidan L7+6200070
25thAilsa Watson7+6200070
25thAmar Chotai7+6200070
25thBradley Horrocks7+6200070
25thCiaran Crawley7+6200070
25thDarran Prior7+6200070
25thDave Ryan7+6200070
25thElliott Mellor7+6200070
25thGerry Tynan7+6200070
25thGraham Harrison7+6200070
25thJack Slane7+6200070
25thJamie French7+6200070
25thJason Turner7+6200070
25thJohn Beresford7+6200070
25thLiam O7+6200070
25thMarcus Hares7+6200070
25thMark Tournoff7+6200070
25thMartin Hurst7+6200070
25thMatt Morrison7+6200070
25thMatthew Tassier7+6200070
25thMatty Artell7+6200070
25thS J7+6200070
25thStuart McFarlane7+6200070
25thSuzy Turner7+6200070
25thTlou Laz7+6200070
25thTricia Lockhart7+6200070
51stBrett Davids6+3600006
51stGiles H6+3600006
51stIan Birdman6+3600006
51stJohn Gillies6+3600006
51stKeith Williams6+3606000
51stLiam Tiernan6+3600006
51stMike Springett6+3600006
51stNoel Mcilvenny6+3600006
51stPhil Collinge6+3600006
51stPhilip Aston6+3600006
51stSam Prouse6+3600006
62ndAlex H0+2500000
62ndAndy SC0+2500000
62ndAnglo Italian0+2500000
62ndAnthony Endsor0+2500000
62ndBrian Curtin0+2500000
62ndChris Butler0+2500000
62ndDamian Banks0+2500000
62ndDan McCarthy0+2500000
62ndDave Noble0+2500000
62ndEmily Cox0+2500000
62ndFiona H0+2500000
62ndGer Breen0+2500000
62ndGevin Chapwell0+2500000
62ndJames Laverty0+2500000
62ndJudith Young0+2500000
62ndJulia Hayward0+2500000
62ndKaren Pearson0+2500000
62ndLouis Cowan0+2500000
62ndRoger Vincent0+2500000
62ndRoss Allatt0+2500000
62ndRoss Jeffries0+2500000
62ndSean D0+2500000
62ndToby McDonald0+2500000
62ndTony Atkins0+2500000

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