Daily Duel results for 16 May 2017

Amar Chotai

Amar Chotai Having OUTVIE in Round 3 and not going for it is going to haunt me for a while - don't think I'll ever have a better chance of winning a duel - but ah well just got to put it behind me and move on

This table shows the Duel results as they were processed at the time. Deleted and discounted games are not shown, so the ordinal numbering may not be consecutive.

Entries: 82.
Maximum score: 24.
Team score: 24. (Total of best score in each round.)

Rank Player Game
Round-by-round breakdown...
Max rate84%72%55%82%
1stAndrew Hypes24+867566
1stAnthony Endsor24+867566
1stAnthony Riggs24+867566
1stChris Hare24+867566
1stDave Noble24+867566
1stDave Shenton24+867566
1stGiles H24+867566
1stHazel Drury24+867566
1stJack Slane24+867566
1stJames Rowan24+867566
1stJim Bentley24+867566
1stJojo Apollo24+867566
1stJon Wilford24+867566
1stMark Tournoff24+867566
1stMartin Hurst24+867566
1stMatt Croy24+867566
1stMatt Hamer24+867566
1stMatt Morrison24+867566
1stMike Springett24+867566
1stPhil Collinge24+867566
1stRobin M24+867566
1stSamir Pilica24+867566
1stSean D24+867566
1stThomas Cappleman24+867566
1stTim Down24+867566
1stTony Atkins24+867566
1stZarte Siempre24+867566
28thAmar Chotai23+567556
28thBrett Davids23+567556
28thConrad Teixeira23+567556
28thElliott Mellor23+567556
28thGerry Tynan23+567466
28thGevin Chapwell23+567556
28thGraeme Cole23+567565
28thHerbert Plank23+567556
28thIan Birdman23+567466
28thJohn Beresford23+567556
28thJohn Gillies23+567556
28thJulia Hayward23+567565
28thLiam O23+567556
28thMark James23+567466
28thMatthew Tassier23+567556
28thMatty Artell23+567466
28thPhilip Aston23+567556
28thRahul Suresh23+567565
28thRay Wilding23+567466
28thRoss Allatt23+567556
28thScott Gillies23+567565
28thSean Fletcher23+567556
28thTom Chafer-Cook23+567466
51stEmily Cox22+336556
51stIan Volante22+337555
51stJames Hurrell22+337456
51stLiam Tiernan22+337465
51stRoger Vincent22+337456
51stSam Prouse22+336556
51stSteven Tew22+337456
58thAndy SC21+267446
58thJamie French21+267455
60thJonathan Wynn19+247066
60thJudith Young19+247066
60thTracey Mills 19+247066
63rdBradley Horrocks18+217506
63rdChris Butler18+217056
63rdEoin Jackson18+217506
63rdTricia Lockhart18+217506
67thAnglo Italian17+170566
67thCiaran Crawley17+170566
67thPini Stimler17+177550
67thStuart McFarlane17+177406
71stRobert Ryan16+130556
71stStephen R16+130565
73rdDave Ryan15+110456
73rdGerard O'Shea15+116540
73rdKaren Pearson15+110456
76thDarran Prior13+87060
77thAilsa Watson11+70506
77thCammy- Lovatt11+77400
77thCharo Potts11+77400
77thDan Byrom11+70506
81stKeith Rooney10+30055
83rdJason Turner5+10500

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