George Armstrong

George Armstrong Also tell MSR if there's any teams you REALLY don't want to be :)

Mike Lee

Mike Lee I really don’t want Southampton!!!


M S R Yes. Do that. That would be a brilliant idea. Only an idiot would forget to mention it. Who'd do that

(Ta for reminding Joj, I'll have the hang of this soon xD)

Darren Godfrey


Adam Latchford

Adam Latchford george taking man united after i've had a really successful spell with them, absolute moyes


M S R Daz, seeing as you got promoted last year, I'm gonna need a Premier Legaue team :D

Mike Lee

Mike Lee As Grady got relegated, that makes Bournemouth available so actually I would like my Cherries back and that frees Chelsea up for someone else.

Steven Grady

Steven Grady Sorry for not looking after the Cherries!!

Steven Grady

Steven Grady Can I go Hull City, Coventry or Plymouth please?

Dan Spinks

Dan Spinks anyone but Millwall please

Darren Godfrey

Darren Godfrey Oh balls. Ok, can I have Fulham please?

Stephen Elsley

Stephen Elsley Any team except Millwall please MSR

J Bartram

J Bartram Brentford FC please.

Sarah  Matthews

Sarah Matthews can i have leeds please?

Sarah  Matthews

Sarah Matthews not much love for millwall ! :)
i don't want millwall either!

Chris Parfitt

Chris Parfitt Can I have QPR, Sunderland or Bristol City please?


M S R Gonna need a Championship team for you, J-cheers :D

Colin Thompson

Colin Thompson Happy to take any team except Millwall, obvs

Luke S

Luke S I’ll happily play the pantomime villain and take Millwall!

Adam Peel

Adam Peel chelsea please if accepted

Last Ashwin Hero

Last Ashwin Hero Swansea please

J Bartram

J Bartram Watford FC?

Louis Freedman

Louis Freedman So sadly I'm not PL so can't be Villa! If I'm Champ then NOT WBA (wouldn't mind Plymouth A. If I'm L1 ABSOLUTELY NOT B'ham! (Wouldn't mind Charlton or Wrexham). Many thanks.

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Anthony Endsor

Anthony Endsor Having masterminded the fortunes of Southampton the last 2 seasons, I would be delighted to return if they haven't sacked me.

Sarah Binns

Sarah Binns Crystal Palace?

Adrian Fletcher

Adrian Fletcher Sticking with Blackburn

Martyn Pegram

Martyn Pegram 100% NOT B'ham please. Nor WBA.
Anyone other than Villa's main locale.

Stu Harkness

Stu Harkness Haha you can't go Brum anyway Peggers cos they're down in the mud :D

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All-new host, all-new cups, the Apterous Football Season is coming back. Premier League and Championship

If you don't know, or haven't played it before, it simulates the football season using the Champions League format. You score a 'goal' when you *beat your opponent with the max*

To confirm interest, please sign up EVEN IF YOU PLAYED LAST SEASON. When you have done so, please send me three teams you would be willing to play as. Where possible, people has first dibs on the team they played as last season

Exceptions to this are George has nicked Man Utd (as thanks for his running things last season), Elwin has nicked Ipswich (he got in early), and I've nicked Coventry (Joe Dobinson was promoted, and Midlands :D) First come, first serve. Details here-

In the event that people drop out of the Premier League, it will go in order of the 23/24 Championship to replace them. Any newbies who sign-up will go on a reserves list and then into the Championship. If there is enough interest, a third division can be conjured up.

Quoting Bradley, George (and Delia)-Let's be 'avin you!

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