Fiona T

Fiona T No last minute reprieve here for me! I had a shocker and had a couple of lucky escapes anyway! Thanks as always Matthew, and gl to everyone left in :)

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier Despite Prime buzzing in and preventing his max game chance, Jonny proves himself the Strongest Link by finishing 11 points clear of anyone else.

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier Prime was also the party pooper at the other end of the scoreboard this round, as he left Fiona 5 points short of safety. Fiona, you are the Weakest Link. Goodbye!

Tourney round: Weakest Link Mayhem - PYO Bot: Round 16 - 9 Rounder

<< Round 15 - Numberbash | Round 17 - CSW Lightning 9 Rounder >>

Notes from the organizer: This group of 8 games ends with a plain old 9 rounder. It looks like everyone is happy for a bit of a challenge here, with no-one picking Prune, Nude or Waldorf as their opponent.

You have up to 3 days to play your game. One lowest scoring Weakest Link will be eliminated from the tournament this round. If there is a tie for lowest score then the tied players will be split according to their tournament total points as seen in the notes below. Should that also be tied then there will be multiple eliminations. However, any players failing to play their game within the time limit will definitely be eliminated, taking the Weakest Link spot.

Spreadsheet of current tournament progress available here:

Good luck!

Ran from: 11 – 13 May 2024. Format: 9 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Matthew Tassier.

Fixtures: 24. Completed: 24.

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