Liam O

Liam O I intend to do the round in stages Dave. The format tires me so I'm declaring that I'll be doing 4 batches of 5 rounds. Doing so in advance of any controversy about my approach.

Adam Latchford

Adam Latchford Liam at the 19th hole continuously fair play gotta respect it

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Liam O

Liam O Lol

Dave Kempshall

Dave Kempshall If you PM me every time you disconnect with your hand rubbing your head and patting your stomach while also saying red lorry yellow lorry, then I'll deem it fair. If you actually do that then I'm pretty sure that we'll all love the video and award you the gree jacket. Go on....

Liam O

Liam O hahaha I will. Cheers, Dave

Sarah  Matthews

Sarah Matthews i will be lucky to get 10 points, it's definitely nasty

Dave Kempshall

Dave Kempshall Sorry with the delay marking this one guys. Work has taken over. I'll get there soon so we can crack on with R4.

Tourney round: APGA Tour 2024: 5. The Masters: Round 3

<< 5. The Masters: Round 2 | 5. The Masters: Round 4 >>

Notes from the organizer: Round 3 is known as moving day in golf - it’s a day where some early challengers fade away and others will bounce forward into contention. With a Hyper Nasty Numbers Attack, the Apto Masters promises to mirror that.

At the halfway stage it’s finely poised with T-Cap, Dan B and Chris sharing the lead on -9. Can anyone further down the leaderboard emerge to challenge?

Keeping things simple, your choice of L / S makes no difference to your score. You can use whatever L / S combination you like as this round is judged purely on distance from the exact solution…

Exact solve = Eagle
1-3 Away = Birdie
4-6 Away = Par
7-10 Away = Bogey
No score = Double Bogey

Good luck!

Ran from: 9 – 11 April 2024. Format: Hyper Nasty Numbers Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Dave Kempshall.

Fixtures: 45. Completed: 40.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Apterous PruneTom Cappleman0 – 108
Apterous PruneChris Hare0 – 123
Apterous PruneDan Byrom0 – 154
Apterous PruneFlorence C-L0 – 172
Apterous PruneLiam O0 – 104
Apterous PruneDave Robjohns0 – 164
Apterous PruneThomas Carey0 – 120
Apterous PruneToby Byfield0 – 82
Apterous PruneHazel DruryUnplayed
Apterous PruneDarren Godfrey0 – 72
Apterous PruneMartin Hurst0 – 128
Apterous PruneFiona T0 – 79
Apterous PruneMartin Thomas0 – 98
Apterous PruneRoss Allatt0 – 59
Apterous PruneStu Harkness0 – 96
Apterous PruneAdam Latchford0 – 144
Apterous PruneAnthony Endsor0 – 150
Apterous PruneMike Lee0 – 116
Apterous PruneMatthew Tassier0 – 147
Apterous PruneBen H0 – 140
Apterous PruneDan Spinks0 – 120
Apterous PruneDave Kempshall0 – 50
Apterous PruneLuke S0 – 91
Apterous PruneJamie French0 – 107
Apterous PruneAndres S.0 – 60
Apterous PruneJames C0 – 30
Apterous PruneSteven Oldham0 – 63
Apterous PruneWesley Barton0 – 60
Apterous PruneIan Volante0 – 100
Apterous PruneAdrian Fletcher0 – 74
Apterous PruneIan Wray0 – 108
Apterous PruneColin Thompson0 – 60
Apterous PruneJason Turner0 – 50
Apterous PruneSean D0 – 130
Apterous PruneMark O'ReganUnplayed
Apterous PruneSarah Matthews0 – 10
Apterous PruneDamian McEvoy0 – 61
Apterous PruneArchie T R0 – 100
Apterous PruneJon Pinyan0 – 134
Apterous PruneAndy SC0 – 10
Apterous PruneMatty ArtellUnplayed
Apterous PruneFi Thorne0 – 72
Apterous PruneEdward AshcroftUnplayed
Apterous PruneM S RUnplayed
Apterous PruneEuan Crabb0 – 32

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. (Stripes: provisional, match in progress.)

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