George Armstrong

George Armstrong That's all folks. Up at the top of the table, we have:

5th: Hazel, 1070 points, 4 bonuses
4th: Adam L, 1175 points, 5 bonuses
3rd: Dan B, 1217 points, 5 bonuses
2nd: TCap, 1382 points, 6 bonuses

And taking the title, with what proved to be an unassailable lead into the final day is Maus with 1597 points and 8/9 bonuses! Sehr gut!

Thanks to everyone for playing :)

Fiona T

Fiona T Great idea for a frustrating tournament, thanks joj!

Ian Volante

Ian Volante Enjoyed that. Just grumpy I missed a day, spoilt a potentially excellent finish.

Dave Kempshall

Dave Kempshall Great tournament. Would definitely play again. Cheers George.

George Armstrong

George Armstrong Ooc would people fancy this again but with different variants, or same again?

Thomas Carey

Thomas Carey multiples of 11 could be fun, cause it's a lot harder to do that in one or two rounds than 9s. fun idea cheers for hosting

Andy SC

Andy SC Would be fun with different variants. Maybe even different multiples each round but you don't tell us what multiple is being used each round.

Brendan Whitehurst

Brendan Whitehurst Thanks George. Had good fun playing. Would definitely be up for it again.

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Adam Beach

Adam Beach Cheers for the tourney George. A shite performance from me as always but still fun

Adam Latchford

Adam Latchford Multiples of 117 in a mocktorun tournament next time cheers george

Damian McEvoy

Damian McEvoy An awesome comp Jawj, thanks for running, congrats Maus!

Dan Spinks

Dan Spinks would deffo play again in the same format but would also love to see a variation on the theme

Tracey Mills

Tracey Mills Thanks Geohag it was fun

Tourney round: 999: Day 9 - Rex

<< Day 8 - Prime

Notes from the organizer: Good luck.

Ran from: 31 – 31 March 2024. Format: 9 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: George Armstrong.

Fixtures: 38. Completed: 38.

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