Andy SC

Andy SC Scoring will work the same way as the group stage. Ties will be decided by the aggregate score. If the aggregate score is tied then a one of replays will occur until we have a winner.

Andy SC

Andy SC After a -1 aggregate score and three replays, Anthony advances to the last 16. Thanks for playing, Dave

Dave Kempshall

Dave Kempshall Thanks for hosting Andy - very fun tournament.

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier Dramatic tie! So unlucky, Villa.

Andy SC

Andy SC Reminder that you have up to and including next Tuesday to play your matches.

Andy SC

Andy SC Jason advances to the last 16 with a 5-2 win over David. Thanks for playing, David

Andy SC

Andy SC Correction: it's actually 5-3 to Jason

Andy SC

Andy SC Adam advances to the last 16 with a 4-3 win over Ben. Thanks for playing, Ben.

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Ben Bazzard

Ben Bazzard Thanks Andy.
And well done Adam.

Adam Peel

Adam Peel great games Ben!

Andy SC

Andy SC Today is the last day to play last 24 games

Andy SC

Andy SC Matt advances to the last 16 with an 8-5 win over Archie. Thanks for playing, Archie

Andy SC

Andy SC Luke advances to the last 16 with a 7-1 win against Dan. Thanks for playing Dan

Tourney round: Europa League: Last 24

2024: Last 16 >>

Notes from the organizer: Deadline for games is 2ND APRIL. You can request extensions for up to a week but a general time to play the game as to be agreed before the deadline.

Runs from: 19 March – 31 December 2024. Format: Champions League. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Andy SC.

Fixtures: 17. Completed: 17.

Results and fixtures

NotesPlayer 1Player 2Status
Celtic vs SC FreiburgMatt GouldArchie T R7 – 7
Matt GouldArchie T R10 – 2
Larne vs Bayer LeverkusenIan LintonSam Trapp7 – 6
Ian LintonSam Trapp10 – 7
Liverpool vs NapoliOwen CarrollColin Thompson9 – 8
Owen CarrollColin Thompson10 – 8
Antwerp vs Shamrock RoversDavid McdougallJason C.7 – 10
David McdougallJason C.6 – 9
Paris Saint-Germain vs Real SociedadAdam PeelBen Bazzard10 – 9
Adam PeelBen Bazzard7 – 7
Aston Villa vs Real MadridAnthony EndsorDave Kempshall9 – 9
Anthony EndsorDave Kempshall8 – 10
Lens vs Shakhtar DonetskLuke SDan Spinks10 – 6
Luke SDan Spinks11 – 7
Replay - Aston Villa vs Real MadridAnthony EndsorDave Kempshall9 – 9
Replay 2 - Aston Villa vs Real MadridAnthony EndsorDave Kempshall10 – 10
Replay 3 - Aston Villa Vs Real Madrid Anthony EndsorDave Kempshall9 – 9

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. (Stripes: provisional, match in progress.)

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