Adam Latchford

Adam Latchford

Good luck!

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Mike Lee

Mike Lee Why did you apologise for us doing Latin but not for us doing Spoilage.

Spoilage really is the spawn of the devil.

Adam Latchford

Adam Latchford Cos that was the first mean round, this is the last :-)

Jon Pinyan

Jon Pinyan I suspect that may not be true, given that a later round is literally labeled "the devil"!

Adam Latchford

Adam Latchford last

Adam Latchford

Adam Latchford Peggers with the highest score here after pneumo'ing the living **** out of his game. Big spread of results here with some people getting much kinder selections than others

Tourney round: Reach your rating: Round 7 - spoilage.

<< Round 6. Closing in blindly. | Round 8. 15 rounder. >>

Notes from the organizer: A big chance to claw some points up if you're a spoilage expert. See the rules in game and pray. You'll survive this round but the winner may come sooner than we think!

Ran from: 13 – 20 May 2024. Format: Spoilage 9. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Adam Latchford.

Fixtures: 33. Completed: 33.

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