Andy SC

Andy SC Option A - 32-team group stage
8-groups of 4-teams

Andy SC

Andy SC Option B - 36-team group stage
1 league table with everyone playing eight games

Matt Gould

Matt Gould Slightly leaning towards option B but I don't really mind. Can I be Freiburg please?

Andy SC

Andy SC That's fine, Matt.

Note: Can people Aptomail me there team of choice so comments don't get clogged. Thanks.

Andy SC

Andy SC Another note: teams highlighted purple on the spreadsheet have already been picked.

Stu Harkness

Stu Harkness I should probably pick the Jambos but very tempting to go for Inter Club Andorra... <3

Andy SC

Andy SC Reminder that players are required to pick what team they wish to represent. If a player does not pick a team they will be assigned o the first available team in the list according to the spreadsheet based on the order they signed up.

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J Bartram

J Bartram Arsenal please

Andy SC

Andy SC If we manage to get to 64 or more players then I'll do a Europa League tournament alongside this for players that are eliminated in the Champions League qualifying stages

Paul James

Paul James villareal please

Andy SC

Andy SC One week left to sign-up.

Andy SC

Andy SC Last day to sign up for the tournament

Tourney round: Champions League: 2024: Sign-ups

Group Stage >>

Notes from the organizer: Welcome to the Apterous Champions League! A tournament based around the real life football competition.

Firstly, lets get the easy bit out of the way. Players will be able to pick their own team to represent. You will be able to pick a team that has played in European Football this season. Here is a useful link with a list of all the teams: - If you can send me what team you want to pick via Aptomail. First come first serve for teams! You can change your team at any time though.

All rounds in Champions League format are just normal 30-second rounds.

Every player will enter the Qualifying Rounds of the Champions League to begin with and will have a chance to qualify for the Champions League Group Stage. Depending on number of players that sign-up will depend on the exact format structure that is used. Might even be enough players to run quantify running a Europa League and UEFA Conference League.

The scoring format used will be the same as George's Premier League tournament but for those that don't know how that works here is how it goes:

A goal is scored by achieving a unique max in the game. For example a player declaring RELATIONS would score a goal against somebody only declaring RELATION. For the Conundrum a goal would be scored for whoever solves it correctly. For the numbers rounds, if the target is impossible to get, a goal will be scored for whoever is closest to the target within 5-points.

There is two options available for the Group Stage

Option A
A standard Champions League Group stage where there is 8-groups of 4-teams each playing each team in the group twice. 6-games in total.

Option B
A new format being introduced to the Champions League for next season. 36-teams in one big league where players play 8-games each. The 36-teams are divided into 4 pots of 9-teams. Each teams plays teams from each pot. 8-games in total.

Vote in comments section for what option you would prefer. If one option would work better based on numbers I would go for that option. Would be good to get an idea of what people would prefer.

If you have any further questions please ask.

Ran from: 17 January – 18 February 2024. Format: Champions League. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Andy SC.

Fixtures: 0. Completed: 0.

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