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Andy SC Can I play even though I've joined another tour that I'm not allowed to talk about?

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Dave Kempshall Andy - No... Actually, yes.... Well, maybe. Are you European or American, because that will make a difference? OK, I've made my decision. Probably.

Andy SC

Andy SC @Dave - You might want to remove John Murphy's sign-up - Deactivated account

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Dave Kempshall Cheers Andy

Tourney round: APGA Tour 2024: Sign-ups

1. Farmers Insurance Open: Round 1 >>

Notes from the organizer: After a premature end to the 2023 Tour due to family and work commitments (sorry!), I’m planning a slightly refined APGA Tour for 2024 (which will allow me time to keep on top of admin).

They’ll be 12 tournaments (all versus various bots) between 22nd Jan and 1st Sept.

World Rankings will be a thing, and the season finale will be the APGA Tour Championship which those placed highest up in the rankings will qualify for.

Important - for those who’ve entered previous APGA tournaments, one main point of difference this year is a focus on variety. This essentially means I’ll mix up the variants, format, bots and scoring criteria within each round and tournament i.e. gone are the days of every round being an 18-hole Attack versus Prune.

This is intended to keep the gameplay feeling fresh and to avoid it becoming one-dimensional and dull over the course of the season.

Different tournaments will carry different ranking weights and will be played over varying lengths. Naturally, the majors will be the pinnacle. Over the season, we’ll have 4 x Majors, 1 x Tier 3, 3 x Tier 2, 3 x Tier 1 and 1 x Matchplay tournament.

Each tour member will be automatically entered into all tournaments across the season and the top 25 (TBC depending on numbers) after those 12 tournaments will contest the season finale Tour Championship to decide who will reign supreme as 2024 Tour Champion.

Plenty of accolades and kudos to be achieved over the season depending on your level. Winning a tournament, becoming a major champion, finishing World No.1, finishing high up the rankings, and then obviously qualifying for, or even winning, the season-ending Tour Championship!


Tour Schedule:
22nd - 28th Jan - Farmers Insurance Open
5th - 11th Feb - WM Phoenix Open
19th - 25th Feb - Mexico Open
11th - 17th Mar - Player’s Championship
8th - 14th Apr - THE MASTERS (Major)
29th Apr - 5th May - China Open
13th - 19th May - PGA CHAMPIONSHIP (Major)
3rd - 9th Jun - Memorial Tournament
10th - 16th Jun - US OPEN (Major)
8th - 14th Jul - Scottish Open
15th - 21st Jul - OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP (Major)
22nd Jul - 25th Aug - APGA Matchplay
26th Aug - 1st Sep - TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP (Finale)

The schedule isn’t overly heavy, with a maximum of 40 games - all against bots - across an 8 month season i.e. 5 games versus a bot per month.

Depending on popularity (and - critically - whether I can secure the required Saudi Arabian investment), I may look at a team ‘LIV-style’ tournament between September and December.

Ran from: 23 December 2023 – 22 January 2024. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Dave Kempshall.

Fixtures: 0. Completed: 0.

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