John Aziz

John Aziz Extremely confused as to how I ended up in D2 and fully expect to get relegated, but hey it's nice to be up here!

Fiona T

Fiona T Not sure what we did to deserve Bradley!! My secret to non-relegation is to play my games...

Andres S.

Andres S. He misses us dearly...

Seriously tho did not expect Bradley to come in, but here's big ol' open-armed welcome! <3

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Was trying to even up the divisions a bit with Ethan & Philip (who would have been D2) both departing - so always keen to promote an extra player rather than reprieve myself from relegation or add in more league joiners :)

As for Bradley, was in the unusual position of trying to squeeze 4 1900+ rated players into the league system!! A nice problem to have, pleased to see the entry numbers back up after a summer dip.

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Darren Godfrey

Darren Godfrey Cannot believe that the scores in mine and Fiona's games with John are identical. What are the odds?

Stu Harkness

Stu Harkness That's pretty bonkers actually !

Gabriel Thallon

Gabriel Thallon Evening all; appreciate I've not been great about clearing games so far. I will though be on Annual Leave between the 22nd Sept-1st Oct and am not going anywhere exotic, so if there's ideal times to play games then for you, message me and I should be able to work around those times.

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Approx 10 days left to get the rest of these done!

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Congrats to Bradley on a superb debut season, sealing the D2 title with a 10/10 performance! Joining him in the PL will be Matthew, reclaiming a spot after 3 seasons back in D2. A great season for Darren took 3rd place, while Gabriel's monster score in his max game gave him the best points per game, in 5th.

D2 club remains rather cliquey and hard to remain in, and as such the three players promoted from D3 finished in the bottom 3 spots this season. Matty managed to do enough to secure safety, 1 point clear of Dave, while John was just 1 win behind them.

Thanks all for playing, and see you in Season 25!

Tourney round: AptoLeague: S24 Division 2

<< S24 Premier League | S24 Division 3 >>

Notes from the organizer: Bradley enters the league for the first time here, while Stu makes his return. Dave, Matty & John all come up from D3 but currently occupy the bottom 3 rating slots

Ran from: 22 August – 2 October 2023. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Dave Robjohns.

Fixtures: 63. Completed: 63.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Amie BateenAndres S.112 – 80
Amie BateenBradley Horrocks81 – 107
Bradley HorrocksAndres S.120 – 86
Amie BateenDarren Godfrey87 – 109
Darren GodfreyAndres S.106 – 103
Bradley HorrocksDarren Godfrey106 – 68
Amie BateenDave Kempshall83 – 89
Amie BateenFiona T126 – 120
Fiona TAndres S.116 – 106
Bradley HorrocksFiona T104 – 72
Fiona TDarren Godfrey74 – 88
Fiona TDave Kempshall133 – 100
Gabriel ThallonAndres S.145 – 102
Bradley HorrocksGabriel Thallon102 – 101
Gabriel ThallonDarren Godfrey114 – 121
Gabriel ThallonFiona T102 – 85
John AzizBradley Horrocks92 – 115
John AzizDarren Godfrey76 – 109
John AzizDave Kempshall75 – 92
John AzizFiona T76 – 109
John AzizGabriel Thallon82 – 104
Matthew TassierAmie Bateen103 – 88
Matthew TassierAndres S.86 – 95
Matthew TassierBradley Horrocks84 – 93
Matthew TassierDarren Godfrey90 – 89
Matthew TassierDave Kempshall92 – 56
Matthew TassierFiona T104 – 87
Matthew TassierGabriel Thallon102 – 105
Matthew TassierJohn Aziz110 – 88
Matty ArtellAndres S.66 – 128
Matty ArtellBradley Horrocks70 – 103
Matty ArtellDarren Godfrey61 – 112
Matty ArtellFiona T100 – 89
Matty ArtellGabriel Thallon80 – 101
John AzizMatty Artell111 – 79
Matthew TassierMatty Artell104 – 80
Amie BateenMike Lee98 – 110
Mike LeeAndres S.91 – 114
Mike LeeBradley Horrocks92 – 101
Mike LeeDarren Godfrey91 – 111
Mike LeeDave Kempshall106 – 110
Mike LeeFiona T86 – 95
Mike LeeGabriel Thallon91 – 85
John AzizMike Lee83 – 96
Matthew TassierMike Lee115 – 97
Mike LeeMatty Artell108 – 103
Amie BateenSean D99 – 85
Sean DAndres S.75 – 87
Sean DBradley Horrocks94 – 120
Sean DDarren Godfrey88 – 145
Sean DFiona T138 – 100
Sean DGabriel Thallon91 – 120
John AzizSean D75 – 114
Matthew TassierSean D94 – 91
Sean DMatty Artell78 – 83
Mike LeeSean D112 – 89
Amie BateenStu Harkness94 – 105
Dave KempshallStu Harkness119 – 129
Fiona TStu Harkness109 – 96
Matthew TassierStu Harkness116 – 109
Matty ArtellStu Harkness116 – 119
Mike LeeStu Harkness104 – 90
Sean DStu Harkness73 – 88

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. (Stripes: provisional, match in progress.)

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