Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Forgot to add https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pheC6wmkCa0FxaxVNQimA6Q-HbvyVqOeRnKFQ-9sUms/edit#gid=188711070

Gabriel Thallon

Gabriel Thallon Evening all; on a bad note I won't be on Apterous much over the next 3 weeks as taking a mini-break. The good news is I fully intend to play all my games when I come back, so if I don't accept in the short-run please be assured I intend to fully honour all my fixtures :).

Tracey Mills

Tracey Mills Hey all I will be away on the 12th November for 2 weeks, I will try my best to play some of my fixtures as and when that I can

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Hello! 2 weeks to go :)

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Reminder that the deadline is tonight. 15 games to go, getting a few more in would be great!

Eoin Jackson

Eoin Jackson Too busy to meet the deadline probably... but I will be able to go on at around midnight if that suits anyone.

James Hurrell

James Hurrell I’ll probably be on around then

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns A little after midnight is absolutely fine and will be counted

James Hurrell

James Hurrell still here Eoin if you are about

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Andres has a triumphant return to AptoLeague and will now feature in D2 for the first time, joined by James who misses out on the title due to an unplayed fixture but secures promotion, 4 points clear of Gabriel and Dave.

Lee, Adam and Ian on points difference will fall to D4, with unplayed games a potentially key factor

Adam Dexter

Adam Dexter Please could you use the surname next time - gave me a heart attack :D

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Lee Simmonds

Lee Simmonds Apologies, poor show from me this round in terms of getting matches played. Will endeavour to do better!

Andres S.

Andres S. Thank you Dave for the AptoLeague; I feel like I sound like a broken record when I say this, but I expected nothing near this when I was thinking of joining back. The amount of crucial conundrums I faced were terrifying given how I got by most of them. Very well played to everyone, and thank you all for such a welcoming return. <3

Eoin Jackson

Eoin Jackson Personally, I am amazed that you managed to write a piece this long without even one "honestly" in it! 😉

But in all seriousness, very well played. Your Apto star is rising. Supernova beckons.

Adam Finlay

Adam Finlay Feels strange to be demoted even though I beat the top of the group haha - well played everyone. I knew as soon as I saw the competition I was in with a slim chance of staying!

Dave Kempshall

Dave Kempshall Cheers as ever for arranging Dave and well done to Andres and James. Think the -1 per unplayed game worked pretty well.

Tourney round: AptoLeague: S18 Division 3

<< S18 Division 2 | S18 Division 4 >>

Notes from the organizer: James and Gabriel came down from D2 and are the early frontrunners in terms of rating. Also - warm welcome back to Andres and Adam!

Ran from: 1 November – 15 December 2022. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Dave Robjohns.

Fixtures: 80. Completed: 80.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Adam DexterAdam Finlay82 – 54
Adam DexterAndres S.88 – 108
Adam FinlayAndres S.93 – 89
Adam DexterBrett Davids111 – 118
Adam FinlayBrett Davids91 – 78
Brett DavidsAndres S.103 – 116
Adam DexterDave Kempshall88 – 85
Adam FinlayDave Kempshall76 – 81
Dave KempshallAndres S.104 – 58
Brett DavidsDave Kempshall62 – 95
Eoin JacksonAdam Finlay98 – 79
Eoin JacksonAndres S.76 – 100
Eoin JacksonDave Kempshall85 – 75
Adam DexterFiona T104 – 91
Adam FinlayFiona T77 – 121
Fiona TAndres S.74 – 99
Brett DavidsFiona T100 – 71
Fiona TDave Kempshall90 – 98
Eoin JacksonFiona T116 – 90
Adam DexterGabriel Thallon82 – 105
Gabriel ThallonAndres S.78 – 98
Brett DavidsGabriel Thallon109 – 105
Gabriel ThallonDave Kempshall104 – 97
Eoin JacksonGabriel Thallon89 – 109
Gabriel ThallonFiona T130 – 103
Ian VolanteAdam Dexter95 – 82
Ian VolanteAdam Finlay69 – 94
Ian VolanteAndres S.76 – 79
Ian VolanteBrett Davids92 – 83
Ian VolanteDave Kempshall77 – 92
Ian VolanteEoin Jackson77 – 102
Ian VolanteFiona T86 – 81
Ian VolanteGabriel Thallon56 – 103
James HurrellAdam Dexter113 – 89
James HurrellAndres S.93 – 89
James HurrellBrett Davids103 – 96
James HurrellDave Kempshall92 – 94
James HurrellEoin Jackson97 – 69
James HurrellFiona T117 – 103
James HurrellGabriel Thallon82 – 106
Ian VolanteJames Hurrell83 – 118
Lee SimmondsAdam Dexter67 – 90
Lee SimmondsAndres S.85 – 86
Lee SimmondsDave Kempshall102 – 100
Lee SimmondsEoin Jackson90 – 90
Lee SimmondsFiona T101 – 122
James HurrellLee Simmonds85 – 84
Adam DexterPaul James86 – 98
Paul JamesAdam Finlay108 – 67
Paul JamesAndres S.86 – 91
Paul JamesBrett Davids76 – 86
Paul JamesDave Kempshall81 – 86
Paul JamesEoin Jackson87 – 111
Paul JamesFiona T75 – 127
Paul JamesGabriel Thallon57 – 97
Ian VolantePaul James97 – 96
James HurrellPaul James125 – 82
Adam DexterTom Lock95 – 84
Adam FinlayTom Lock54 – 104
Andres S.Tom Lock88 – 91
Brett DavidsTom Lock108 – 74
Dave KempshallTom Lock91 – 91
Eoin JacksonTom Lock89 – 98
Fiona TTom Lock103 – 89
Gabriel ThallonTom Lock90 – 102
Ian VolanteTom Lock76 – 105
James HurrellTom Lock102 – 45
Paul JamesTom Lock85 – 82
Adam DexterTracey Mills112 – 95
Tracey MillsAdam Finlay115 – 88
Tracey MillsAndres S.79 – 102
Tracey MillsBrett Davids120 – 91
Tracey MillsDave Kempshall83 – 65
Eoin JacksonTracey Mills113 – 101
Tracey MillsFiona T110 – 88
Tracey MillsGabriel Thallon121 – 129
Ian VolanteTracey Mills93 – 112
James HurrellTracey Mills107 – 111
Paul JamesTracey Mills105 – 81
Tracey MillsTom Lock62 – 62

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. (Stripes: provisional, match in progress.)

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