Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns 2 weeks left to complete these league games so it's worth getting in touch with your opponents if you haven't already to arrange a time to get these played :)

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Deadline for these is tomorrow - Sean appears to've gone but still 15+ others to be done!

Dan Byrom

Dan Byrom eep - for anyone yet to play me, I will aim to be online for large chunks of the day tomorrow!

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Anthony Endsor

Anthony Endsor I've still got to play James Hurrell and Sean Fletcher, but given they have only played one game between them and my aptomails to them have been ignored, I think I can safely say my work is done for this season.

Brett Davids

Brett Davids I'll be around tomorrow evening to try and finish as many as I can. Based on the season so far, easy pickings for the rest of you <sob>

Adam Dexter

Adam Dexter If Sean doesn't complete any games, is he automatically treated as relegated? Is there a minimum amount of games for peeps to play? Just seems a bit unfair maybe on those who have played more but are lower down the league :/

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns @Anthony - yep, since you messaged James more than 5 days ago and didn't get any response, you'll get that game if it isn't played.

@All - Sean will be removed from the league entirely as it stands (as no point having totally inactive players). So yeah, effectively relegated in last place.

There's also a rule regarding players who've played a small number - and if someone's played less than a third of their games (floor function) - so here 3, their completed games are null and void, so James' game against Brett is set to be scratched unless he plays 2+ more today.

Finally for those yet to play me, I'll try to be on in the evening!

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Big congrats to Oliver G on returning to D1 as champion, having also won D2 in S5. Joining him will be Anthony, who ascends to the top for the first time with a second consecutive promotion. Oliver S falls just short. James' game is removed, and him and Sean finish in the bottom three, with Brett also relegated (a late change as we add D6). Adam's had a tough season with plenty of unlucky tight losses, but survives just above.

I'll do the stats eventually, nearly done automating the whole thing just haven't found the time to finish it! Thanks all for playing and GL for Season 8 :)

Tourney round: AptoLeague: S7 Division 2

<< S7 Premier League | S7 Division 3 >>

Notes from the organizer: Division 2 this year features the biggest rating range at almost 600, but everyone here can put up a good fight against anyone. Series 4 champion Oliver Garner is the top seed here.

At 12 players, this is the biggest single division of aptoleague yet, so I sure am glad to be using the automatic fixture maker. 6.5 weeks to play them. Hopefully the automatic results will do their thing, found here:


Ran from: 1 March – 15 April 2021. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Dave Robjohns.

Fixtures: 66. Completed: 41.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Adam DexterAnthony Endsor81 – 82
Adam DexterBrett Davids111 – 93
Anthony EndsorBrett Davids114 – 100
Adam DexterDan Byrom63 – 81
Anthony EndsorDan Byrom108 – 102
Brett DavidsDan Byrom103 – 137
Adam DexterDave Robjohns97 – 99
Anthony EndsorDave Robjohns111 – 83
Brett DavidsDave RobjohnsUnplayed
Dan ByromDave Robjohns116 – 78
Ian VolanteAdam Dexter115 – 94
Ian VolanteAnthony Endsor83 – 97
Ian VolanteBrett Davids91 – 88
Ian VolanteDan Byrom54 – 112
Ian VolanteDave Robjohns73 – 85
James HurrellAdam DexterUnplayed
James HurrellAnthony EndsorUnplayed
James HurrellBrett Davids105 – 64
James HurrellDan ByromUnplayed
James HurrellDave RobjohnsUnplayed
Ian VolanteJames HurrellUnplayed
Adam DexterJosh Boddy67 – 93
Anthony EndsorJosh Boddy109 – 78
Brett DavidsJosh Boddy84 – 104
Dan ByromJosh BoddyUnplayed
Josh BoddyDave Robjohns122 – 114
Ian VolanteJosh BoddyUnplayed
James HurrellJosh BoddyUnplayed
Adam DexterNoel Mc99 – 111
Anthony EndsorNoel Mc100 – 96
Brett DavidsNoel McUnplayed
Dan ByromNoel Mc70 – 112
Noel McDave Robjohns86 – 103
Ian VolanteNoel Mc97 – 119
James HurrellNoel McUnplayed
Noel McJosh Boddy102 – 99
Oliver GarnerAdam Dexter133 – 63
Oliver GarnerAnthony Endsor132 – 100
Oliver GarnerBrett Davids128 – 67
Oliver GarnerDan Byrom130 – 108
Oliver GarnerDave Robjohns110 – 65
Ian VolanteOliver Garner61 – 124
James HurrellOliver GarnerUnplayed
Oliver GarnerJosh Boddy139 – 96
Oliver GarnerNoel Mc102 – 91
Adam DexterOliver Solamath61 – 131
Anthony EndsorOliver Solamath117 – 103
Brett DavidsOliver Solamath85 – 90
Dan ByromOliver Solamath109 – 134
Dave RobjohnsOliver Solamath75 – 95
Ian VolanteOliver Solamath69 – 97
James HurrellOliver SolamathUnplayed
Josh BoddyOliver SolamathUnplayed
Noel McOliver Solamath46 – 84
Oliver GarnerOliver Solamath104 – 102
Adam DexterSean FletcherUnplayed
Anthony EndsorSean FletcherUnplayed
Brett DavidsSean FletcherUnplayed
Sean FletcherDan ByromUnplayed
Sean FletcherDave RobjohnsUnplayed
Ian VolanteSean FletcherUnplayed
James HurrellSean FletcherUnplayed
Sean FletcherJosh BoddyUnplayed
Sean FletcherNoel McUnplayed
Oliver GarnerSean FletcherUnplayed
Sean FletcherOliver SolamathUnplayed

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. (Stripes: provisional, match in progress.)

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