Steven Oldham

Steven Oldham Pending work I might have to withdraw but I will let you know in advance

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson That's cool, as long as I know before the 30th. :-)

Adam Finlay

Adam Finlay CoVid? Where's that then? Victoria Docks?

Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck Are each person's prelims against four different people or eight different people?

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson Eight, time permitting.

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson Physical prizes have been purchased for this event (not huge ones, I'm not made of money) in addition to the COLIN entry discounts for 1st-3rd. :-) More info to come...

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson

Not the best prizes in the world but they're better than nothing (and as that's what I'm charging for this event, no complaints).

Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin I've got a Zoom interview (stage one of the council candidacy process) which has been scheduled for 10:30am - 11am. Should still be able to take part, but you know what these things are like....!

Richard Huang

Richard Huang As long as I am not invited to someone else's dinner (which is strictly forbidden, even if I am in China). 9pm start for me would be...not so bad.

Bradley Horrocks

Bradley Horrocks Unfortunately I have to withdraw, I hope it's a great success!

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson Less than 24 hours to go! A reminder that games start at 1pm tomorrow, and all games will be input using the tourney system on here for your convenience. Running standings will be available via a link I'll post tomorrow.

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson Fun little stat: if this was the real COLIN, it'd have the highest ever number of players making their debut- even higher than the first COLIN. Not 100% sure but that might be a record for co-events in general too.

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Andy SC

Andy SC Do you intend to add fixtues only for those that turn up at 1pm or for all of those that have signed up?

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson I'll do a roll call at around 12:55 to make sure everyone who said they were going to be there is there, then adjust the draw accordingly. The games will likely start late, which will add to the COLIN 'realism'.

Andy SC

Andy SC Count me in for 1pm might be a tad late.

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson Link to standings-

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson Round 5 will start at 2:40pm.

Tourney round: I Can't Believe it's Not COLIN: Round 1

Knock-out stage >>

Notes from the organizer: Normally at this time of year I'd be pestering people to send me money to come to a draughty village hall in North Hykeham (and possibly a bit more money to come to a different draughty village hall in North Hykeham the following day). Naturally, thanks to CoVid (not the Jack Hurst thing), that's not happening this year. So instead, I'm doing this. :-)

On the 30th, the day that would've been COLIN XVII, I'll be hosting a virtual co-event on apterous (yes I know this has been done before, shut up). It'll be a slightly different format than the usual COLIN, in that players will be on tables of 2 instead of 3, and (allowing for time) there'll be 8 games instead of 6 (9 if you count games you host), and there'll be quarter- and semi- finals as well as a grand final.

Pros of this format: no entry fees, no early mornings, no lengthy train rides with other Apterites.

Cons: No Fox & Hounds, no free pens, no lengthy train rides with other Apterites.

Games will start at 1pm and hopefully be finished by 5pm (it shouldn't take that long to play a load of 9 rounders, right?), so if you enter the tourney, be prepared to put the afternoon aside. All fixtures will be input in the tourney system here on apterous, and I'll post a link to the running standings in the comment of each round.

There may be actual physical prizes on offer during the day. :-) As well as discounted entry to the real COLIN XVII, whenever that takes place...

Hope to see you all (your apterous avatars at least) on the 30th!

Ran from: 30 – 30 January 2021. Format: 9 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Ben Wilson.

Signed up: Jon O'Neill, Ian Volante, Oliver Garner, Adam Dexter, Matthew Tassier, Jamie French, Stephen R, Amie Bateen, Johnny Canuck, Graeme Cole, Rhys Benjamin, Robin M, Eoin Jackson, Tracey Mills, Thomas Carey, Andy Platt, Jack Worsley, Matthew Brockwell, Anthony Endsor, Callum Todd, Adam Finlay, Andy SC, Tim Down, Dan Byrom, Toby McDonald, Amar Chotai, Eeshan Malhotra, Spike Nard, Elizabeth Beer, Fiona T, Ronan M Higginson, Dave Robjohns, M S R, Richard Huang, Oliver Solamath, Maria Chandler, Dan Spinks, Alan O'Sullivan, Wesley Barton, J Bartram, Daniel Penn.

Fixtures: 151. Completed: 151.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Matthew TassierMatthew Brockwell60 – 63
Tracey MillsDan Byrom53 – 70
Ian VolanteJohnny Canuck62 – 75
Adam FinlayJ Bartram59 – 54
Jack WorsleyElizabeth Beer63 – 34
Jamie FrenchRichard Huang66 – 20
Eoin JacksonAmar Chotai48 – 57
Oliver GarnerAlan O'Sullivan76 – 49
Anthony EndsorSpike Nard51 – 64
Maria ChandlerDaniel Penn22 – 58
Graeme ColeAndy Platt66 – 72
Eeshan MalhotraDan Spinks61 – 33
Andy SCDave Robjohns49 – 62
Thomas CareyCallum Todd71 – 64
Tim DownOliver Solamath59 – 63
Rhys BenjaminFiona T31 – 68
Adam DexterRonan M Higginson66 – 76
Stephen RM S R75 – 45
Oliver GarnerRonan M Higginson74 – 48
Stephen RJohnny Canuck49 – 74
Thomas CareyAndy Platt60 – 52
Dan ByromFiona T62 – 53
Jamie FrenchSpike Nard47 – 70
Jack WorsleyMatthew Brockwell74 – 38
Dave RobjohnsOliver Solamath60 – 50
Adam FinlayEeshan Malhotra36 – 70
Amar ChotaiDaniel Penn58 – 48
Adam DexterGraeme Cole40 – 29
Ian VolanteCallum Todd39 – 77
Matthew TassierTim Down48 – 64
Tracey MillsJ Bartram63 – 47
Andy SCAlan O'Sullivan56 – 47
Eoin JacksonAnthony Endsor52 – 40
Elizabeth BeerM S R54 – 64
Rhys BenjaminDan Spinks44 – 59
Richard HuangMaria Chandler16 – 60
Apterous PruneToby McDonald0 – 71
Oliver GarnerJohnny Canuck44 – 58
Jack WorsleySpike Nard70 – 37
Dan ByromEeshan Malhotra73 – 45
Thomas CareyDave Robjohns42 – 39
Callum ToddAmar Chotai75 – 42
Andy PlattRonan M Higginson47 – 73
Stephen RTim Down63 – 56
Tracey MillsFiona T60 – 50
Jamie FrenchOliver Solamath30 – 65
Adam DexterDaniel Penn46 – 64
Matthew BrockwellAndy SC77 – 42
Eoin JacksonM S R49 – 57
Adam FinlayDan Spinks66 – 41
Toby McDonaldMaria Chandler84 – 42
Ian VolanteJ Bartram61 – 34
Matthew TassierAlan O'Sullivan74 – 48
Graeme ColeAnthony Endsor80 – 66
Rhys BenjaminElizabeth Beer63 – 28
Apterous PruneRichard Huang0 – 41
Johnny CanuckJack Worsley53 – 69
Thomas CareyDan Byrom49 – 67
Callum ToddRonan M Higginson83 – 67
Oliver GarnerStephen R55 – 65
Matthew BrockwellOliver Solamath79 – 75
Tracey MillsEeshan Malhotra73 – 63
Spike NardDaniel Penn73 – 60
Adam FinlayDave Robjohns59 – 69
Amar ChotaiM S R66 – 65
Matthew TassierToby McDonald62 – 55
Graeme ColeTim Down42 – 48
Andy PlattFiona T66 – 54
Ian VolanteAdam Dexter53 – 44
Eoin JacksonAndy SC38 – 57
Jamie FrenchRhys Benjamin69 – 37
Maria ChandlerDan Spinks42 – 50
Anthony EndsorRichard Huang71 – 17
Alan O'SullivanJ Bartram43 – 32
Apterous PruneElizabeth Beer0 – 59
Jack WorsleyDan Byrom83 – 41
Johnny CanuckCallum Todd57 – 66
Tracey MillsMatthew Brockwell64 – 60
Stephen RSpike Nard63 – 73
Thomas CareyAmar Chotai59 – 31
Ronan M HigginsonDave Robjohns59 – 75
Oliver GarnerOliver Solamath72 – 92
Matthew TassierEeshan Malhotra61 – 52
Andy PlattDaniel Penn57 – 55
Tim DownM S R75 – 46
Ian VolanteAdam Finlay58 – 56
Jamie FrenchToby McDonald40 – 57
Andy SCDan Spinks49 – 39
Adam DexterAnthony Endsor66 – 79
Graeme ColeFiona T61 – 31
Eoin JacksonAlan O'Sullivan61 – 51
Elizabeth BeerMaria Chandler66 – 19
Rhys BenjaminRichard Huang57 – 24
Apterous PruneJ Bartram0 – 44
Jack WorsleyCallum Todd86 – 81
Dan ByromSpike Nard40 – 81
Tracey MillsDave Robjohns42 – 52
Thomas CareyOliver Solamath69 – 51
Johnny CanuckMatthew Brockwell54 – 59
Matthew TassierStephen R58 – 82
Andy PlattTim Down55 – 47
Ian VolanteToby McDonald43 – 60
Andy SCAmar Chotai67 – 35
Anthony EndsorRonan M Higginson54 – 74
Eeshan MalhotraDaniel Penn53 – 73
Graeme ColeAdam Finlay69 – 23
Oliver GarnerRhys Benjamin84 – 18
Jamie FrenchM S R38 – 51
Eoin JacksonElizabeth Beer53 – 32
Adam DexterDan Spinks60 – 36
Fiona TAlan O'Sullivan54 – 57
Richard HuangJ Bartram29 – 57
Apterous PruneMaria Chandler0 – 35
Thomas CareyJack Worsley61 – 64
Spike NardDave Robjohns71 – 67
Stephen RCallum Todd54 – 70
Matthew BrockwellDan Byrom44 – 55
Tracey MillsAndy Platt50 – 64
Andy SCToby McDonald23 – 70
Ronan M HigginsonOliver Solamath57 – 55
Oliver GarnerMatthew Tassier74 – 39
Johnny CanuckDaniel Penn49 – 57
Graeme ColeM S R65 – 57
Tim DownAmar Chotai62 – 24
Ian VolanteEoin Jackson53 – 55
Anthony EndsorEeshan Malhotra37 – 60
Adam DexterAdam Finlay62 – 59
Jamie FrenchAlan O'Sullivan80 – 37
Elizabeth BeerJ Bartram22 – 26
Rhys BenjaminMaria Chandler43 – 67
Richard HuangDan Spinks33 – 51
Apterous PruneFiona T0 – 64
Jack WorsleyDave Robjohns73 – 39
Callum ToddSpike Nard81 – 71
Andy PlattDan Byrom48 – 65
Thomas CareyToby McDonald65 – 49
Oliver GarnerMatthew Brockwell61 – 71
Stephen RRonan M Higginson64 – 65
Graeme ColeDaniel Penn57 – 62
Tracey MillsTim Down43 – 57
Eoin JacksonOliver Solamath40 – 63
Johnny CanuckAndy SC63 – 23
Eeshan MalhotraM S R72 – 38
Adam DexterMatthew Tassier52 – 54
Ian VolanteJamie French49 – 50
Amar ChotaiDan Spinks49 – 28
Maria ChandlerJ Bartram44 – 38
Anthony EndsorFiona T66 – 73
Adam FinlayAlan O'Sullivan40 – 49
Elizabeth BeerRichard Huang81 – 26
Apterous PruneRhys Benjamin0 – 71

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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