Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Day 3 bonuses:

Letters - snaring a darren (maxing a round with only one max word)
Numbers - solving a game that has only one solution
Conundrum - Fastest
Pencil - 2 points

Best of luck!

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Actually, due to the dictionary changes, will just be 1 point for those elusive pencils!

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Day 3 is long finished and we welcomed another 3 players, with everyone bar Ronan getting the game played on time.

Rex played well but impressively Bradley and Oliver won and 5 others prevented the max game, with Rex sometimes a little slower than his usual 0.7s.

We had joint winners for fastest, with Maus and Matty taking 0.5s each. I believe Edward (2 1 2 5 3 → 58) and Adam (2 8 6 8 4 → 59) both solved numbers rounds with one solution and I also gave myself another medal for pencilling lekach.

Today's top scorers:
108 - Oliver Garner
101 - Hazel Drury
98 - Bradley Horrocks
92 - Tom Carey
92 - Matthew Tassier

Overall leaderboard:
68 - Dave Robjohns
66 - Oliver Garner
60 - Tracey Mills
54 - Martin Thomas
51 - George Armstrong


Tourney round: Apto Advent Calendar: Day 3: Touchdown Junior

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Notes from the organizer: It's the 3rd December, the start of the "student travel window", where juniors will touch base at home for the first time in a while. I tried.

It's apparently "let's hug day" today, so today we think of Rex, who's arms are too short to hug. He'll probably feel better slaughtering us all here.

Ran from: 3 – 3 December 2020. Format: Touch Jnr 15. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Dave Robjohns.

Fixtures: 27. Completed: 27.

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