Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Day 1 saw 23 signups, and 22 got their games done, with only Bradley on the naughty list. A tough start, with Prime winning 21 of the games.

The bonuses were kept secret (or just not planned if I'm being honest). There will generally be one each for letters, numbers and conundrums.

Fastest conundrum - Dave R (1.1s)
LNAFP solve - Rhys
Nasty bots - Steven & Adam get a bonus point after Prime rudely maxed their games

We end up with the following top 5:
23 - Dave Robjohns
21 - Tracey Mills
20 - Ronan Higginson
20 - Anthony Endsor
18 - Oliver Garner

Round 2 is up and is Goatdown Jnr vs Plum - good luck!

Live leaderboard: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HXoq_MCrLX_QUmr-NmVQbOmG9RTZ14DmS4DR7BUpA3I/edit#gid=0

George Armstrong

George Armstrong Dave is top of his own tourney? I call fix ;)

Adam Dexter

Adam Dexter The cell error on Bradley's max % maxes it look like you're calling him a Div :D

Bradley Horrocks

Bradley Horrocks Don't forget your tourney games kids!

Tourney round: Apto Advent Calendar: Day 1: Lockdown

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Notes from the organizer: Well, it's 1st December and the last day of lockdown in England. We kick off this tournament with a Lockdown 15 therefore, and that leaves just 3 lock variants for me to fit into this tournament...

The US apparently celebrates national pie day today too, so we'll be battling P(r)I(m)E. For more tenuous links, see the next 23 days.

Ran from: 1 – 1 December 2020. Format: Lockdown 15. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Dave Robjohns.

Fixtures: 23. Completed: 23.

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