Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Congratulations to James Rowan on (already!) securing his promotion to the Premier League. 9 wins from 9, coming through two crucials and registering 8 centuries and over 1000 points in the process.

He unsurprisingly breaks records for most maxes in D2 or any division (103), most points & most centuries, but also takes the most maxes per game (11.44 vs Maus' 11.43 last season), so will face a tough handicap of 12 in the cup. Having finished so early though, he's earnt a month off!

Plenty still to play for though at both ends! The next 3 will enter promotion playoffs while 10th is relegated and 9th at risk. 12 games left in this division, we'll see where that takes us...

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Congrats once again to James Rowan on promotion. Ronan, Alex and Jonny will contest the playoffs, while Fiona drops back to D3, Paul edging into the playoffs on points difference.

The key numbers...
98% - games played (legends)
132 - top score (MT vs AE)
14 - most maxes (hit by JR and JD)
5 - most 9s (half of you!)
103 - season maxes (JR)
2 - most crucial wins (JR, RMH)
3 - most crucial losses (AE)
8 - most centuries (JR)

Thanks all for playing, and good luck in Season 3 :)

Tourney round: AptoLeague: S2 Division 2

<< S2 Premier League | S2 Division 3 >>

Notes from the organizer: Division 2 sees an expansion to 10 players this season, as a few league newbies find themselves starting among the second tier.

Ronan M H will be looking to bounce back after falling from the top tier, while Alex H will be keen to have another strong season after only missing promotion by PD last time out, finding the most 9s of any player in the process.

Fiona T may've ended season 1 with one of the lower ratings in Division 3, but that didn't stop her winning 5/6 games and breezing through to D2! She's sure to fancy her chances at a few upsets here too.

You have 5 weeks to play these games, before some playoffs at the end of the season which last ~10 days

Ran from: 1 June – 5 July 2020. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Dave Robjohns.

Fixtures: 45. Completed: 45.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
James HaughtonRonan M Higginson85 – 130
Alex HJonny D93 – 80
Paul JamesJames Rowan71 – 121
Vincent BarcetFiona T105 – 66
Anthony EndsorMartin Thomas122 – 132
Alex HFiona T108 – 67
James RowanRonan M Higginson115 – 92
James HaughtonJonny D110 – 107
Paul JamesMartin Thomas96 – 70
Anthony EndsorVincent Barcet104 – 106
James RowanJonny D94 – 89
Fiona TRonan M Higginson79 – 102
Alex HMartin Thomas120 – 115
Paul JamesAnthony Endsor83 – 102
James HaughtonVincent Barcet136 – 122
Jonny DFiona T80 – 69
Martin ThomasRonan M Higginson96 – 114
Paul JamesVincent Barcet86 – 88
James RowanJames Haughton119 – 94
Alex HAnthony Endsor119 – 67
Paul JamesJonny D71 – 102
James RowanVincent Barcet103 – 79
Alex HRonan M Higginson95 – 111
Anthony EndsorFiona T105 – 89
James HaughtonMartin Thomas102 – 75
Vincent BarcetRonan M Higginson98 – 124
Alex HPaul James126 – 95
James HaughtonFiona T109 – 86
James RowanMartin Thomas114 – 99
Anthony EndsorJonny D76 – 109
Paul JamesRonan M Higginson98 – 102
Alex HJames Haughton109 – 98
Martin ThomasFiona T113 – 81
James RowanAnthony Endsor112 – 97
Vincent BarcetJonny D91 – 107
Paul JamesFiona T81 – 90
Alex HJames Rowan96 – 120
Jonny DRonan M Higginson107 – 79
Anthony EndsorJames Haughton76 – 123
Vincent BarcetMartin Thomas59 – 70
James RowanFiona T104 – 65
Paul JamesJames Haughton86 – 110
Anthony EndsorRonan M Higginson86 – 129
Alex HVincent Barcet104 – 96
Jonny DMartin Thomas125 – 57

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. (Stripes: provisional, match in progress.)

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