Fiona T

Fiona T [link]

Fiona T

Fiona T Bollox - it's swapped p1 and p2, so the region in the notes box might be that of your opponents!

Fiona T

Fiona T The deadline for Round 1 is 21 January 2020. Please try and get your games done before then.

James Hall

James Hall Neat that the aggregate score in both of our games was the same, Andy :)

Andy SC

Andy SC Aye indeed, James.

Fiona T

Fiona T Just a note on how this works as a few people have asked for clarification.

Games are best of 3.

It's a team game - either the whole team goes to the next round, or the whole team is eliminated.

So if you win your game, but the rest of your region's team does not, you may not get through to the next round.

Similarly if you lose your game, but the rest of the team wins, you may get through to the next round along with your teammates.

The four teams with the highest aggregate score will go through to the next round (semi-finals). That round will be seeded - so team 1 will play team 4, and team 2 play team 3.

Hope that all makes sense - if not don't worry too much about it, and just play matches if and when they appear :)

Current standings at [link]

Fiona T

Fiona T Reminder that the deadline for R1 is 21 January - please try and get your matches played - don't let your team down! :D

Fiona T

Fiona T One day left to get these games done folks!

Congrats to Midlands who are the first team to get all their matches complete.

South looking very strong on 4 wins out of 7 (with one match still to be completed)

North West, who I had tipped to finish top two currently languishing at the bottom with just one win - looking like an early bath if you don't get those matches played boys!

Anthony Endsor

Anthony Endsor I realise we're all busy but this is currently a disgraceful effort from the rest of the North West. Come on guys, I can't carry the North West region alone :)

Stephen Holford

Stephen Holford I don't know what Region I'm in but go team go

Fiona T

Fiona T You're South Stephen :)

Stephen Holford

Stephen Holford I did check after lol. Looks like the dream team to me.

Fiona T

Fiona T Link for easy reference [link]

Jim M

Jim M The fixtures seem to cut off at the bottom. In any case, disappointing performance from Other, get those games played lads. No shame in losing, plenty in not bothering.

Fiona T

Fiona T Should be a scrollbar Jim - looks fine in chrome on the laptop

Jim M

Jim M I may be being stupid :) row 39 appears to be the last entry for me. Stops short of listing the Other team and their fixtures. Apologies if indeed I am being dense :)

Fiona T

Fiona T OK - Other is shorthand for "Scotland, North East, Guernsey and AlexLand"

Fiona T

Fiona T rows 21-27 - apologies for confusion

Jim M

Jim M Ah, no, my bad, I should have worked that out!

Fiona T

Fiona T After the first round, the results are as follows

#1 Seed - Yorkshire and the Humber - score 0.8
#2 Seed - South - score 0.571 - 6.5 / 7 matches played
#3 Seed - North West - score 0.571 - 4.5 / 6 matches played
#4 Seed - Ireland - score - 0.4

Unfortunately Midlands and Other (aka Scotland, North Eaast, Guernsey and AlexLand), both with a score of 0.286 are eliminated - thank you all for playing.

The fixtures for the semi-finals will be up shortly - in this round you will play all the players from the opposing team - best of 1 - so 5 matches for Yorkshire and Ireland, and 7 matches for South and NW.

With a few more matches to play, I'll allow four weeks, so the deadline for the SF games is 19 February.

The team from each semi-final with the most wins will move forward to the grand final.

Good luck!

Jim M

Jim M Thanks for hosting, Fiona, and good luck to those left in the tournament

Andy SC

Andy SC Thank you for hosting and sorry for letting the 'other' region down.

Fiona T

Fiona T You and me both Andy! You were still the best player in the tourney from the Orkneys :)

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Andy SC

Andy SC *Orkney Islands or Orkney - we hate hearing the orkneys :)

Fiona T

Fiona T Noted!

Joseph H

Joseph H Thanks for running this tournament Fiona, its a very good concept :) gl to all of those left

Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford Ta for hosting Fiona. Best of luck to the other teams :D

Zack K

Zack K Thanks for hosting Fiona, and gl to everyone left :)

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Good luck :)

Ran from: 3 – 22 January 2020. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: Best-of-3. Approved.

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